Your Guide to Maintaining a Wood Garage Door

Maintaining a wood garage door isn’t hard, but it is important. If you let the wood’s finish wear away, then mold, decay and infestations could pose issues.

Wood Garage Door

Nothing compares to the superior beauty of a stained wood garage door, but regular inspections are vital to keeping it in top-notch condition.

Refreshing the Finish

Regardless of the material it’s made of, no finish lasts forever. A large part of maintaining a wood garage door is keeping the seal intact. Whether the surface is painted or stained, watch for chipping and cracking in the top coat.

Refer to the finish manufacturer’s guidelines before patching worn areas — you must ensure that the substance you use is compatible with the original finish.

Sand rough areas and clean the wood before refinishing. If you find any cracks or holes, fill them with wood putty. A fully sealed finish will protect against rot and improve curb appeal.

Watch for Rot and Insects

Every few months, check for rot along the bottom of the door. Typically, rot will appear where the door is in contact with water most frequently. Use a screwdriver to test the strength of the wood. If you can poke through the wood, you have a rot problem that needs to be taken care of immediately before it spreads.

Termites and other types of wood-eating insects are another concern. Call a pest control expert if you notice tunneling or any other signs of an infestation.

Keep an Eye on the Mechanics

Just like any other type of garage door, you need to maintain the hardware on wood garage doors for smooth operation. Depending on how frequently the door is used and the type of climate you have where you live, parts will need to be replaced at varying intervals.

Make sure the pulleys are lubricated, and call a repair team if you hear loud banging or screeching noises when the doors open or close. Fixing garage lift components is not a do-it-yourself job — you need experienced, trained technicians to handle repairs.

Consider Warranty Coverage

You should base every step involved with maintaining a wood garage door on the standards outlined in your warranty and owners manual. Many garage door manufacturers offer lengthy warranties on their products, but coverage depends on following specific guidelines. For example, warranty coverage on water damage may be void if a door is painted with the wrong type and grade of primer, paint or stain.

Maintaining a wood garage door is a task you as a homeowner can definitely excel at, but when you encounter a problem that’s beyond your expertise, don’t hesitate to contact Overhead Door Company, Utah’s dependable installer and repairer of top-quality wood garage doors.