Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close All the Way? 

A garage door is a convenience you barely notice until it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do — close!

Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close All the Way? 

Whether your garage gets stuck in the open position halfway down or leaves a hairline crack between the door and the pavement — both scenarios are a problem. Why does your door do this? More importantly, how can you fix it? You can’t just leave your garage open to the world.

Below are five potential causes and one surefire solution of a garage door that won’t close all the way.

Check Your Sensors

Your sensors tell the garage door not to shut if there is an object in the way, like a car, bike, toy, child or pet. While this may not be the reason your door won’t close, a problem with the sensors might be. Check their positioning and call a technician to examine the wiring and test the system if needed.

Investigate the Limit Settings

Your garage door opener has programmed limit settings that tell your door how far to move down the tracks. While every opener is different, you can typically adjust these settings by adjusting the limit switch screws, typically located on the back of the motor.

Make sure to adjust them only in small increments, as each full screw turn is about a 3-inch change. Grab a partner to help by pressing the open and close button while you adjust the screws until your door closes properly.

Inspect the Track Alignment

If a bike or car banged into the tracks, they could be out of alignment, and the door might not move all the way down to its final resting place. Check the balance of both tracks and call us if you think there’s something off.

Examine the Seal

The seal that encapsulates the edge of the door could be what’s stopping it from moving all the way down. If it was damaged or torn, it could be impeding the door’s progress. Replacing a seal is something we can help you do quickly to get your garage closing normally in no time.

Is the Problem the Floor?

If your garage is built on a poured concrete slab, it could be that floor movement causing the issue. You can correct this problem using concrete lifting techniques, typically in one day or less.

No Matter What, Call Us

From minor inconveniences to major issues, our Overhead Door Company team is here to help you find the underlying source of the problem and fix it fast. You don’t have time to wait for a garage door that won’t close, and we make sure you don’t have to.