Why Install an Insulated Garage Door?

An insulated garage door should be on your list for home improvements, especially if you’re thinking about replacing your door. Insulation isn’t just for cold-weather climates either — everyone can benefit from an insulated garage door!

Install an Insulated Garage Door

Garage door quality has increased significantly over the past few decades, and you have plenty of options, even if you’re on a budget.

You’ll Save on Energy Costs

One of the top reasons homeowners like the idea of an insulated door is because the garage can be a major source of energy loss. If someone leaves the door to the attached garage open, or if you simply don’t have enough insulation on the wall bordering the garage, you’ll feel a draft and see a spike in utility costs once the cold winter chill sets in.

Insulation curbs the reach of external chill, keeping your garage warmer and thus your home as well. Saving money is always worth it, so why not invest in this type of door and stop paying excessive heating costs?

A Warm Garage Is Better for Your Car

Here’s another cold-weather reason to get an insulated garage door: A warm garage is a much better environment for your car. The cold drains batteries, lowers air pressure, coagulates fluids, wears down spark plugs and wiring and more.

Protect your car from premature deterioration brought on by subzero temperatures, and give it a warm home for the long, cold night. Besides, isn’t it better to step into a warm garage in the morning?

The Door Is Stronger and More Durable

Insulation makes doors thicker, stronger and more durable. They’re heavier and harder to break into. For security and longevity purposes, they just make sense. A thin, plastic door won’t give you the protection and the return on investment that a strong, insulated door will.

They Operate Quietly

Insulated doors don’t clang loudly and wake up the neighborhood (and your small child). They go up and down smoothly and quietly, with no reverberating sounds. Due to their insulating qualities, they can also muffle road noise.

Why Us?

Overhead Door Company has a longstanding reputation of quality products and customer-first service. A functional, durable garage door is important for safety, security and aesthetic reasons. Contact us today to learn more about our product options, including insulated garage doors, automatic opening systems and more.