What to Do if Your Garage Door Won’t Close

When your garage door won’t close all the way, it’s more than annoying — it’s a security concern. Leaving your garage door open even a few inches can allow thieves to gain access to your home. Additionally, critters such as mice, squirrels or raccoons could invade and take up residence in your garage. The team at Overhead Door has a few quick fixes for you to try before calling us for garage door repair.

garage door won’t close

  • Sensors are blocked — If something is tripping your sensors, your garage door will reverse before it closes and go back up. The fix for this could be as simple as cleaning the dirt off your sensors. If this doesn’t work, check to see that the sensors are properly lined up. If someone bumps a sensor, it could knock it out of alignment and cause your garage door not to close.
  • Object is in the way — Check to see if there are any objects on the floor where the garage door lands. Also check the bottom of your door to see if there is an object lodged there. Something as insignificant as a spider web can cause the door to go back up. Wipe the bottom of the door with a damp cloth and try to close it again.
  • Close-limit switch needs adjustment — Your garage door should know exactly how far it has to travel to reach the ground. This information is programmed into your close-limit switch. If something is amiss with the switch, your garage door may not close properly.
  • Remote needs new batteries — If you press the remote and nothing happens, changing the batteries could help. If the batteries are new, you might need to reprogram your remote.
  • Damaged Tracks or Rollers — You may wonder how your garage door’s tracks and rollers can become damaged, but we have seen it happen. Sometimes debris can find its way into the tracks. Your garage door weighs well over 100 pounds, and when it strains to get past a twig or other obstruction, it could bend the tracks. Bent tracks can prevent the door from closing properly. If you can see that the track is bent, you may try to straighten it yourself, or call Overhead Door for help.

Garage Door Sales & Repair in Bountiful

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