Warm Weather Garage Door Maintenance Areas

A long, arduous Utah winter is finally coming to a close, and many homeowners are glad to be transitioning into a warmer period of year. This transition does bring with it a few minor upkeep areas, and one of these for your home might be garage door maintenance.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to help with all your garage door repair and upkeep areas this spring and summer. Let’s go over some basic areas you should be thinking about as the temperature continues to rise, both in areas you can handle on your own and in a few where you might require the assistance of our garage door professionals.

warm weather garage door maintenance

Basic Cleaning

For starters, some basic cleaning can go a long way – both for general appearance and the functionality of the garage space. First look to dust and other built-up dirt, which forms through repeated opening and lowering of the door. You can use a simple soap-and-water solution to clean the entire garage door itself.

While you’re at it, consider other areas in the garage as well. Consider clearing clutter or any items that could threaten garage components, for instance. You might also consider re-painting or re-sealing certain worn-down areas to keep moisture out during spring rains.

Inspection of Parts

Both while you’re cleaning and separately, go through the important components of the garage door and ensure they’re all functioning properly. Start at the hinges and cables to ensure they’re not worn down, and check all track bolts to be sure they’re tight.

Next, look at the garage door springs – are they both functioning properly and free of rust or other corrosion? Also check for any such corrosion in other areas. If you see anything that looks abnormal in any of these areas, contact our garage door professionals for repairs.


It’s good to re-lubricate the garage tracks and rollers at least once or twice a year, and the spring period can be a good time. It can be tougher to lubricate during the winter due to moisture concerns, and no one wants to be doing that job in the dead heat of summer when it’s 100 degrees outside.

When lubricating, be sure not to overdo things. For starters, use a lithium or silicone-based lubricant – WD-40 is not recommended. For another, don’t use so much lubricator that dirt and grime are able to stick, as this can create major buildups that interfere with functionality.

Insulation and Weather-Stripping

Especially if you use the garage space for anything but storage, but even if you don’t, ensuring your garage is energy-efficient is a big deal for your monthly bills. This means making sure the door is properly insulated, sealed and has weather stripping that isn’t worn down. Check along garage door edges to see if any weather stripping has worn down – insulation can be a bit tougher to pinpoint since it’s encased in your panels, but our pros can help you assess its quality.

For more on important warm weather maintenance areas to prioritize this year for your garage, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or maintenance services, contact the staff at Overhead Door Company today.