Steel Garage Doors: Types and Thickness Layers

There are a few materials that are often used for modern garage doors, and one of the most common and well-known is steel. Valued for its strength and durability, plus its resistance to corrosion and several other factors, steel is extremely popular for today’s garage door needs – but it’s important to realize that not all steel garage doors are created equal, nor are they meant to be.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re proud to offer a wide range of residential and commercial garage doors, including numerous steel options like steel sectional doors, rolling steel doors and many others. Generally speaking, there are three levels of strength used to describe the different steel doors you’ll find on the market today – how do these compare, and how does steel as a door material compare to other popular options out there today? This two-part blog series will dig into everything you need to know.

steel garage doors types layers

Single-Layer Steel

Also sometimes called a “pan garage door,” single-layer steel involves a durable exterior that requires almost no maintenance. It’s the simplest form of steel garage door, blocking it from the elements without cratering under the pressure of the elements.

Single-layer steel doors are the lightest option you have in the steel realm, valuable for those who want to be able to open it on their own without mechanical assistance. The surface is also highly durable, just like with any other steel garage door – steel will hold up during extreme temperatures and is resilient against moisture and corrosion.

Double-Layer Steel

Double-layer steel doors are made up of a single steel layer, backed up with polystyrene thermal insulation. They are known to be quieter and even more durable than single-layer doors, and also offer the same levels of low maintenance while also providing improved energy efficiency due to the thermal insulation layer included. They’re also stronger than single-layer doors, as you might have imagined, making them even less susceptible to day-to-day risks like dents or cracks.

Triple-Layer Steel

Finally, the strongest steel garage door option is triple-layer steel, also sometimes called the “sandwich garage door.” This name is due to the steel front, thermal middle and then additional steel back that’s present for this type of door, offering the same insulation as the double-layer but with another layer of durable material on the outside.

These doors are not only the most energy efficient and the strongest, they’re also generally the quietest. Naturally this often makes them more expensive, but they allow home and building owners to recoup their value quickly due to all the benefits they provide.

For more on the types of steel garage doors available to you, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.