Steel Garage Doors: Comparisons to Other Materials

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on steel garage doors and their different types. There are a few varieties of steel door out there, each with slightly different properties and benefits, and choosing to go with steel rather than another garage door material also involves knowing which of these types you’re interested in.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re happy to offer numerous residential and commercial garage doors, including options like sectional steel doors and many others. While part one of our series went into comparisons between the different steel door options you have available to you, today’s part two will dig into comps between the overall steel garage door category and some of the other popular garage materials on the market today.

steel garage doors comparisons

Steel Vs. Vinyl

Both vinyl and wood materials will be a bit more expensive than steel for similar-sized garage doors, but vinyl is on the more affordable end of the two. Vinyl doors include laminated front and back panels, plus steel and foam materials used in the core to keep them strong.

One potential drawback of vinyl compared to steel is eco-friendliness, though newer vinyl doors are improved in this area. Some vinyl materials may warp on certain homes, including those that sit in freezing temperatures, but newer doors have C-channel steel reinforcement that lowers this risk. Vinyl is better for insulation than wood and can also be replicated to look similar to several wood varieties.

Steel Vs. Wood

Wood is opposite to vinyl in several ways, including its cost – it’s the most expensive of the garage door materials in most cases, largely for aesthetic reasons. Wood doors come in painted or stained options, and are eco-friendly based on their polystyrene insulation that makes them highly energy efficient.

However, wood is not particularly strong, a major drawback compared to vinyl and especially steel. It will require sealing, staining and perhaps other forms of protection, and may be more susceptible to the elements in some cases.

Steel Vs. Aluminum

The primary benefit of aluminum garage doors is their convenience. They are rust-proof and come with virtually no maintenance, plus are light and easy to operate, even for those who open their garage door manually without any remote assistance.

Like wood, however, aluminum does not have the kind of strength you will find in steel, and is more likely to dent than steel is. Aluminum is also far less efficient than wood or even vinyl options, especially some aluminum varieties that have no insulation whatsoever.

For more on the different garage door material options and how they compare to steel, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.