Simple Tricks for Improving Garage Door Security

While they have several separate purposes in today’s day and age, the top overall goal of any garage door and system is simple: To keep the building and its occupants secure and protected. Even as convenience and technology have made their way into the garage door world, this singular purpose remains at the top of the list.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to help keep your garage door safe and secure through our garage door repair and other high-quality services. We’re also happy to offer several tips and areas of expertise when it comes to the kinds of things you can be doing to increase and maintain your own garage’s security. Here are a few primary areas to consider.

improving garage door security

Keep it Closed!

The simplest task here, but one many home and building owners seem to forget about regularly: Keep the door closed! A garage door can’t provide you with optimal security if it’s not even in the proper position.

Leaving your garage door open leaves your space wide open for would-be thieves or burglars. If you’re the sort who regularly forgets to close yours when leaving the home, consider installing a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door that allows you to check whether it’s closed from anywhere, plus close it if needed.

Code Changes

If you have a garage door with a numbered code for opening, be sure you change this code on a regular basis – at least once every six months, if not more often. Also be protective of this code, never giving it to anyone but the people who live in the space.

Door Inspections

Another regular task should be inspecting you garage door, something we’re happy to help with as well as needed. You’re looking for anything that might detract from overall door security: Cracked windows, for instance, or gaps in weather-stripping that might allow for easy access.

Even if an issue looks small, know that thieves might target it to try and break in. Two important times for these kinds of inspections: When changing from cold weather to warm and vice versa, as these are periods where temperature changes might cause some small issues.

Lighting and Locks

Two additional security measures you might consider installing:

  • Side locks: A manual garage door side lock is perfect for use when you’re away for a long time. It requires manual unlocking, making it that much tougher for anyone to access the space while you’re gone.
  • Lighting: Many homeowners install motion-activated floodlights around the garage door area, meaning anyone trying to break in will be illuminated and often deterred.

Opener Protection

Finally, if you ever park outside the home, we highly recommend hiding your garage opener or even removing it from the vehicle. Many unsavory folks will break into cars to find garage openers, then use other personal information found in the car (like your insurance info) to obtain your address and potentially break in.

For more on how to keep your garage door safe and secure at all times, or to learn about any of our garage door repairs or services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.