Should You Install a Double Wide Garage Door or Two Singles?

Is a double wide garage door the best option for your new garage? Or should you opt for the traditional choice and choose two single doors instead?

double garage door

Many homeowners have an instant preference — they either love or hate the double wide garage door. But if you don’t have a strong opinion, this guide can help you understand the pros and cons of each option. There are many factors to contemplate, some you may not have considered.

Think Practical

First off, how many cars do you plan on parking in your garage? If you want to try to fit three small vehicles inside, it will take expert driving skills to move all three in if you have two separate doors.

On the other hand, a large opening allows you plenty of flexibility when it comes to parking. You can fit your ATV in between your vehicles without an issue. You don’t have to drive in and out uber-carefully in order to avoid hitting the center post.

While a double wide space offers flexibility, single doors offer this too, but in a different way. If one garage door opener breaks, your other door will likely still work. You can at least get one car out of your garage; not so if a double wide door or opener breaks.

Energy Efficiency

Do you heat your garage? If so, think about how much heat will be lost the every time you open your double wide door in the winter.

In comparison, opening a single door decreases heat loss and saves on energy costs.

Aesthetic Preferences

Drive around your neighborhood and look at which types of garage doors fit with different home styles. As the homeowner, you have the final say on which design you like best, but certain styles fit with either garage door option.

For example, a modern home looks complete with a sleek, double wide door. A traditional carriage house garage is the definition of class with two single doors.

What About the Cost?

This might come as a surprise, but there isn’t much of a price difference in purchasing two singles versus a larger garage door. However, there is a price difference if you want them both to operate automatically.

Purchasing two automatic garage door opening systems will cost more, along with the maintenance commitment of caring for two sets of belts and pulleys.

We Can Help

If you’re looking for either two singles or one double wide garage door that fits your home’s style, delivers functional practicality and matches your budget restrictions, call Overhead Door for a solution. We have the products that fit any design style and fall in line with your budget.