Residential Garage Door Services

Today, the garage door is the preferred method of entry for many homeowners and renters, making the front door more of a decoration. The garage door might be the largest, but it’s also the most affordable of exterior doors—even when you go with the ultimate in durability. However, keep in mind that it’s also a favorite entry point for burglars, without proper insulation you could face mounting energy bills and if it’s not secured properly then the valuables you keep inside might have minimal protection against the elements. In other words, if your garage door isn’t high quality, you’re taking a huge gamble.

Luckily, Overhead Door Company, with 2 convenient Utah locations in Bountiful and Logan, has you covered. Have you been dreaming of a Thermacore garage door to manage your utility bills and make the most of your heating and cooling? Perhaps you’ve been thinking of updating your curb appeal with the Courtyard Collection or going sleek and modern with a new steel door. No matter what your style and needs, the right garage door can provide a fantastic boost of aesthetics and protection to your home.

A Little Care for Your Utah Garage Door

You’ve chosen your ultimate garage door, had the experts install it—now what? You can’t expect such an in-demand, moving and functional part of the home to stay in flawless working order with no maintenance. Sometimes little repairs are needed, but don’t wait until it’s too late. Opting for bi-annual maintenance and inspections are a great way to stay on top of trouble, such as worn out springs or a garage door opener that’s starting to fail.

At Overhead Door Company a team of certified experts is ready to help you care for all your garage servicing and repair needs. In case of an emergency, don’t delay, especially when this local company will prioritize you and your garage door. Just one night of having a faulty garage door can make you vulnerable to burglars, the elements or even curious raccoons that want to tear apart those jumbo sized bags of dog food.

Today is the Perfect Time for a Garage Door Checkup in Bountiful and Logan, Utah

Sometimes a garage door will ask for help, with creaking and grinding noises, but don’t wait for worrisome sounds to occur before getting your door serviced. Regular maintenance decreases the possibility of an unexpected (and possibly problematic) garage door failure. Whether you opted for the Impression Collection or something from the Durafirm Collection, don’t tempt fate—choose today as the right time to schedule your regular maintenance with Overhead Door Company.