Garage Door Repair

Why replace your garage door when you can repair? It’s easier, much more affordable and if you’re still smitten with your overhead or garage door, it returns your exterior entry to like-new status. Whether you’re a residential, commercial or industrial overhead door owner, know that sometimes even top of the line products require a little maintenance. If you want to extend the life of your garage door, make sure to schedule regular inspections and maintenance checks. It’s just like caring for your own health—the more regularly you check in, the likelier you are to detect any problems before they go haywire.

You might be depending on a number of exterior doors to keep you, your loved ones, your workers, your belongings or your inventory safe and sound. Manage an industrial plant and have highly in-demand machinery that needs protecting? Worried that your condo rental in Salt Lake City could use a more regular garage door inspection? Today is the best time to get on top of garage door repairs and maintenance. Start by calling Overhead Door Company with convenient locations in Bountiful and Logan, Utah.

Logan & Bountiful, Utah Garage Door Repairs at Your Service

Maybe you’ve brushed aside those creaks and groans from your garage door for a little too long. When you opted for the Courtyard Collection, you fell in love with the style, durability and smooth operation. However, sometimes things go wrong—maybe it was a particularly nasty winter, maybe a burglar tried to get inside but failed (while still managing to do a little unseen damage). Perhaps you depend heavily on this door for access and the springs are on their last, well, spring.

Nobody should feel like a victim in waiting when they’re at home. From steel to aluminum garage doors, they all need some regular attention.

Utah Commercial Overhead Garage Door Repair & Maintenance is a Call Away

Is your home taken care of, but you’re concerned about your business’ overhead doors? From counter doors to dock doors, the American dream can slip between your fingers if you don’t take care of these crucial security checkpoints. If you suddenly realize you’re in need of new rollers while you’re closing shop, don’t panic—call Overhead Door Company in Bountiful or Logan, Utah for an emergency repair.

These doors are what protect your customers, employees and inventory. It doesn’t matter if you own a local luxury car showroom or a mom and pop diner. You need protection, and you need it now when repairs are imminent.

Industrial Overhead Garage Door Repairs and Replacements in Utah

You’re not “just” a business owner—you’re the owner or manager of an industrial plant. You take precautions seriously, but when’s the last time you had your overhead doors checked? Even if you stick vigilantly to that biannual maintenance schedule, things can happen. Repairs can unexpectedly pop up. They can come from extremely nasty weather, vandals, wear and tear or an on-site accident.

Depend on Overhead Door Company for all you realignment, inspection and repair needs. Gear replacements? They’re done in minutes. Barrel rebuilds? That’s a favorite of these licensed pros. From slat changes to getting some new curtain doors, make sure your plant is thriving.