Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

Just as you would schedule dental check-ups for your family and oil changes for your vehicles, your garage door needs regular servicing to keep it in good shape, too. It’s just like everything else: The more regularly you schedule check-ups and the better you maintain these doors, the longer they’ll last and the less likely it’ll be that you’ll need major repairs in the future.

Sometimes genuine emergencies pop up, such as a severe winter storm that does a number on your home’s garage door. Other times, it’s lack of maintenance that finally makes a door fail. At Overhead Door Company, a team of experts is on hand to make sure all your doors (residential, commercial and industrial) are well maintained and in perfect working order.

Don’t wait until your shaking garage door finally freezes or that squeak you’ve been ignoring leads to a broken spring. Routine maintenance is key and much more affordable than an urgent repair.

What You Can Do

Think of your garage doors like this: They’re the largest moving part of your home. That’s a big deal and potentially a dangerous zone. They’re equipped with a track, rollers, cables and hinges, and that’s a lot to maintain on your own. If any one of these moving parts breaks, it can cause frustrating problems for you. Keep an eye (and ear) out for any red flags and call Overhead Door Company immediately if you suspect an issue.

However, it’s equally important to schedule at least bi-annual inspections. Just because your garage door isn’t crying out for help doesn’t mean it’s not in distress. Even if you recently installed an upgraded door, it might need some attention. One minor issue can cause the entire system to be vulnerable. At Overhead Door Company maintenance isn’t seen as a gimmick to upsell, but rather a means of ensuring your door stays effective at the lowest possible price for as long as possible.

Taking Action

Take a close look at all the moving parts of your garage door on a monthly basis—do you see rust? Obvious signs of wear and tear? Does everything seem to be in good working order? Sometimes these checks can mean only a little lube is in order, but if you ignore a little issue it can grow into a big one.

Want to enjoy your garage door as long as possible? Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Be proactive, whether you’re responsible for a home garage, a commercial overhead door or an industrial plant’s mega-duty doors. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that advice is certainly true when considering care for your biggest doors.