Selecting Between Single-Panel and Sectional Garages

If you’re considering a new garage door for your home or business, one of the first big decisions you’ll make is between the two primary types of garage door: The single-panel door and the sectional door. Single-panel garages come in a single large piece, while sectional doors come with separate panels and are more common for homeowners today.

At Overhead Door Company, our residential garage door selection includes several different distinct types. Let’s look into some important factors surrounding single-panel and sectional doors, plus give you some tips on which to choose for your home.

selecting single-panel sectional garages

Visual Differences

It’s important to note that whichever choice you make in terms of door style, you’ll have a ton of variety available to you from a visual perspective. Both types are made in several different material types and designs, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a visual style you enjoy because you prefer one or the other.

That said, sectional doors are slightly more limited because of the way they require a layout that includes their segments. Single-panel doors come with just one section, which opens up their options a bit. Many older homes stick with single-panel doors to maintain the historical aesthetic of the building, and even some modern homeowners enjoy the vintage look.

Functional Qualities

A big part of the reason sectional doors are more popular than single-panel doors today is due to their gaps in functionality. Sectional doors generally come with more modern features, plus are safer to operate and repair due to no extension springs – single-panel garages do have these springs, which can break and cause issues in some cases.

In addition, sectional doors are known to be a bit more durable against inclement weather. And finally, they have smaller opening clearances than their single-panel counterparts, which means they’re preferable when you’re dealing with a limited amount of space.


Price is obviously a huge factor as you choose any major home element like a garage door. Single-panel doors tend to cost a little bit less than sectional options, but some of this is mitigated due to the scarcity of single-panel production – actual manufacturing costs far less for single-panel doors. But many people consider the cost efficiency beyond the original price, which is why sectional doors remain more popular.

How to Choose

Generally, here are some signs that a sectional garage door is right for you:

  • You need better durability
  • Your space is on the smaller end
  • You want more selection available for your garage door
  • You prefer lower maintenance requirements

On the flip side, here are some situations where a single-panel door could be the way to go:

  • You want to install the door yourself
  • You have an older home and want to maintain its outward aesthetic
  • You’re on a tighter budget

For more on garage door types, or to learn about any of our commercial or residential garage doors, speak to the pros at Overhead Door Company today