Schedule a Garage Door Tuneup Before Winter

A garage door tuneup involves a comprehensive assessment of what’s working and what’s not, and fast, efficient repairs. If you can’t remember the last time you had a professional check your garage door, a tuneup is in order, especially if winter is looming. Before the snow and the cold arrive once more, make sure your garage is fully operational and secure.

Schedule a Garage Door Tuneup Before Winter

Winter Is Coming

Winter has to be the worst season for a garage door to get stuck open. Imagine if your automatic opener decided to quit right before a storm. Your garage could easily fill with snow, making the whole house colder. You winterize your outdoor water pipes and your windows, so why not schedule a garage door tuneup as well?

Fresh Batteries Prevent Breakdowns

Your technician will first look to see if the batteries in your opening system and your hand-held remotes are weak or failing. If the door lags or the system isn’t using full power like it used to, replacing batteries is the first step toward safeguarding against breakdowns.

Weatherstripping Keeps Out the Cold

Next, your technician will assess the energy efficiency of your door. Does it close fully? Is the weatherstripping along the edges intact and clear of all dirt and debris?

If necessary, they will clean and repair all weatherstripping, ensuring heat is kept in and cold is kept out, so you’re prepared for when the temperatures drop.

Get Rid of Grease Buildup

Lubricant is necessary for smooth door operation, but using the wrong type or too much can lead to hardened grease buildup, causing unnecessary wear and tear on the door’s opening mechanisms. Your technician will use a cloth to clean off rollers and tracks, then recoat them with the proper lubricant for a more efficient operation.

Check Springs, Pulleys and Rollers

No garage door part lasts forever, including springs, rollers and pulleys. Checking these components regularly can help you know how much life is left in each so you can replace them proactively, before they break and cause inconvenient, more expensive problems.

Keep Your Garage Secure

Your technician will assess the security of your door as well, making sure it locks firmly and doesn’t have any weak points. Your garage is one of the main entrances to your home — it should be secure.

Count on Overhead Door for a complete garage door tuneup this fall, and ensure your home is ready for the cold weather.