Role of Homeowners’ Insurance in Garage Door Repairs

If you’re a new homeowner, one of the primary considerations you’ll be making in terms of protecting your home is thinking about a homeowners’ insurance policy. Common among homeowners, these policies offer insurance against damage in several major areas of the home that could be susceptible to this kind of damage based on several causes, from weather elements to vandalism and many others.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to inform you of one vital area within a homeowners’ insurance policy: The garage door. As one of the largest moving items in any home, the garage is always at minor risk of damage from things like falling branches, vehicles or even over-exuberant children playing nearby. Whether you’re looking into one of our new garage doors or considering repairs for recent damage, understanding whether you’re covered by your policy is very important. Here are several causes of garage door damage, plus whether they’re typically covered by homeowners’ insurance policies.

homeowners insurance garage door repairs

Vandalism or Burglary

In most cases today, homeowners’ insurance policies will contain what’s called a “malicious mischief” clause, one that covers this kind of damage – damage caused by intruders or ill-intended individuals looking to cause specific harm, whether just for vandalism purposes or to attempt to burglarize your home.

In many cases, this policy will stretch far enough to also cover graffiti or other aesthetic damage. As long as you have one of these clauses in your policy, you should be completely covered for this sort of rare damage.

Vehicle Damage

Perhaps the most common type of garage door damage out there is caused by people driving their vehicles incorrectly, making contact with the garage in some way. Many people accidentally put the car in drive rather than reverse, for instance, accidentally denting the garage before they have time to brake.

While you should check your policy to be sure, most homeowners’ insurance policies do cover this kind of accidental damage – when it’s caused by you or someone who lives in your residence. If the damage is caused by an outside party driving their vehicle into your garage, though, that party’s auto liability insurance should cover the repairs or replacement.

Weather or Natural Disaster

Whether it’s hail, debris blown from high winds, falling tree branches or other weather-related issues, homeowners’ insurance policies tend to vary. Some will cover certain kinds of natural disaster damage but not others, while other more expensive policies may cover the whole range. One area you usually have to pay a bit more for is flood damage, which isn’t covered by most base policies.

General Wear

Finally, if the garage is simply getting old or wearing down, this is an area that generally won’t be covered. Your best protection against this is regular garage door inspection and preventive maintenance from our pros.

For more on whether your homeowners’ insurance policy covers certain kinds of garage door damage, or to learn about any of our residential or commercial garage doors, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.