Residential Garage Doors, Insulation and Heat

Residential garage doors with insulation are a good start to protecting your property against Utah’s brutal winters. Does your garage need more protection?Insulated Garage Door

There are many reasons to consider heating your garage, in addition to having an insulated door, even if you’re not planning to spend much time working in the garage over the winter. You don’t need to pay to keep the garage at a toasty 72F, but keeping your garage temperature above freezing can be an excellent value for the investment. Is it the right choice for your home?

You Car Will Thank You

Freezing temperatures place stress on many of your car’s systems, and keeping your garage above freezing will help prevent expensive repairs. Think about all of the parts of your car that have water in them: Everything from the washer reservoir to the radiator, and all those hoses and lines in between. Replacing seals, hoses, and other parts damaged by freezing temperatures adds up. And wouldn’t it be nice to have your car start and warm up faster in the morning?

Preserve Your Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

Are you sure you drained all the water out of your power washer after the last time you used it? It’s annoying and expensive to come out in the spring to discover that you accidentally left water or gel fuel in a piece of your equipment, and now it’s blown a seal or a line.

Cordless tools don’t perform well when they’re stored in very cold temperatures, and it can shorten their battery life. And that touch-up paint you stored in the garage may well be ruined after a winter in an unheated garage.

Will It Be Worthwhile?

If you’ve got your water heater or any plumbing in the garage, it may be well worth your investment to insulate and heat your garage, because not only will sub-freezing temperatures crack the plumbing, but, even with an insulating blanket, your water heater will work overtime all winter to keep up.

If your garage is underneath your home or below grade, it’s already got a leg up on insulation. You may be able to benefit from simply sealing up the most drafty points – improving the garage door seal and window seals, for example – and insulating only the exposed walls.

The Bottom Line

Heating your garage can provide you many benefits, but ultimately, you need to weigh the costs against the specific benefits your family will gain.

The experts at Overhead Garage Door can give you more information you can use in deciding whether insulating and heating your garage is the best choice for you, and they can help you select the best insulated residential garage door for your needs.