Repair or Replace a Dented Garage Door?

A dented garage door is an eyesore, but the dent might also prevent the door from rolling up and down smoothly. You may wonder if it’s easier to repair the dent or replace the door. In most cases, a dented garage door can be repaired, but sometimes replacement is a better solution.

Repair or Replace a Dented Garage Door?

Repairs Are Usually Possible

Most garage doors are fabricated panel by panel. When someone backs a car up into your door or crashes a bicycle into it, it probably has mainly affected one section of the door. Experienced repair technicians may be able to remove and replace this one area, and it’s usually the most cost-effective way to restore the door.

What’s the Extent of the Damage?

If the damage has affected more than one panel, repair costs will rise. This is when you should begin considering replacement instead.

Also, if there are other minor issues with your door, such as problems with the lifting and lowering components, a replacement might be in order. Since springs must be replaced periodically, you might be coming to the end of the springs’ useful life. This, coupled with a dented garage door, could be an opportunity to replace the whole system.

What to Consider

If you love your garage door, making repairs makes sense. But if you’d rather go with a replacement, check with your homeowner’s association, if you have one. Many HOAs have restrictions on the type of material you can use and which colors are permitted.

Get a Quote for Your Project

Do you need a repair quote or are you looking for an estimate on a door replacement? How about both?

Overhead Door Company can help you weigh the pros and cons by giving you multiple options. For repairs, we can fix the dented garage door with panel replacement. In fact, while we’re at it, we can examine other components like the springs and see if they’re past due for replacement. Getting your door up to snuff is one of our specialties, but so is a replacement.

When your dented garage door is too damaged to be worth the repair cost, we can offer replacement solutions that fit your budget. From wood to steel to vinyl, trust Overhead Door Company with your project.