RMX® Medium Duty Commercial Operator

RMX® Heavy Duty Commercial Operator

The UL 325 2010 certified RMX® medium ­duty commercial operator is designed for quicker installation and hassle­ free operation. The RMX® offers convenient features and technical innovations found nowhere else in a medium­ duty operator. Additional accessories for the RMX operator are sold separately.




A wide variety of mounting options are available to fit any application including: Sectional doors: Trolley for use on standard doors up to 14′ high and 620 lbs. Trolley models available with or without brake. Jackshaft models available with and without hoist for doors up to 16′ high and 620 lbs. Jackshaft and hoist models only available with brake standard. Rolling steel doors: Jackshaft models available with and without hoist for use with rolling steel doors or grilles up to 16′ high and 580 lbs. Brakes are standard on rolling steel models.


Single-­phase voltages of 115V AC and 230V AC in 1⁄2 horsepower

External radio hookups

Terminals are provided inside control enclosure to allow an optional 3­wire radio system to be connected

Drive reduction

Primary reduction is SuperBelt®, an auto tension poly-­V flex belt that does not require adjustment. Secondary reduction is by chain and sprocket

Direct coupling

Provides fast, easy installation with fewer parts and better structural support. Prevents chain slacking. Available on sectional side mount jackshaft and hoist units

Mechanical brake system

Solenoid actuated band brake


16­character LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) provides easy-­to-­read set­up and diagnostics with backlight for low­-light conditions

Cycle counter

Displays the total cycles logged over the operator’s lifetime, to support warranty and service functions

Adjustable shaft

Output shaft can be moved from one side to the other, providing flexible installation options on sectional side mounting

Control system

On­board open/close/stop buttons make testing simple

Independent timers

Automatic maximum run timer stops the door moving in either the open or close direction if preset run time is exceeded, allowing for inspection


2­ year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty


RHX® Trolley – Sectional Door standard, side mount or dual trolley

RHX® Hoist – Sectional Door side mount, center mount, chain or direct couple

RHX® Hoist – Rolling Steel front of hood, top of hood, bench mount or wall mount

All RHX® Heavy Duty models available in:

1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP:

Single phase 115/208/230V

Three phase 208/230/460V

Three phase 575V

RHX® 3 HP:

Three phase 208/230/460V

Three phase 575V

Direct coupling (optional on sectional doors only) Provides fast, easy installation and prevents chain slacking. Available as on optional kit for sectional side/center mount and hoist units. For sectional, options include:

14 RPM kit

26 RPM kit

Adjustable shaft

Output shaft of the optional direct coupling kits can be moved from one side to the other, providing flexible installation options.

NEMA 4/4X operators – Available for wet, dusty and corrosive environments.

New CodeDodger® commercial dual frequency cycling transmitters

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4­button and Open/Close/Stop versions. Automatically operates at both 315 and 390 Mhz every time a button is pressed.