Plexline Clean


The Plexline Clean door combines high speed, a tight seal and composite construction for greater efficiency and compliance even in harsh conditions. The durable fiberglass composite construction and stainless steel-clad bottom bar are easy to clean as well as chemical and corrosion-resistant. The standard door features front and rear panel seals, a vinyl loop along the leading edge and a header seal made of USDA/FDA- compliant material.

Whether it’s a cGMP application or any environment where corrosion is a concern, the Plexline Clean door provides a polished appearance, an alternative to stainless steel and a remarkably low price.


The direct-drive motor operates the door at up to 50 inches per second to quickly contain and separate environments and improve traffic flow and efficiency.


Full-width vision panel, an adjustable pneumatic reversing edge and thru-beam photo eyes are standard safety features.

Takes a Hit and Resets

Quick-SetTM repair system permits the operator to reset the door with a push of a button after aligning the bottom bar.

Chemical and Corrosion-Resistant

Fiberglass composite frame is corrosion- resistant and chemical-resistant.

Exceptionally Clean

Smooth, flat and non-porous surfaces with hidden fasteners and rounded edges make it easy to clean.

Sanitary Full-Perimeter Seal

Edge-to-edge USDA/FDA-compliant material seals the top. Two vinyl seals in each side column seal against the front and rear of the panel. Soft and pliable vinyl loop along the floor completes the seal.

Counterweighted Brake Release

The optional counterweighted brake release permits manual opening during power failures.

Stainless Steel Alternative

The color palette combined with the composite material offer the comparable aesthetics of stainless steel.

Size and Dimensions

  • Up to 16’W x 16’H
  • 7” side column projection
  • 24” headroom above lintel
  • 15” head projection
  • 11” side clearance, non-drive
  • 19” side clearance, motor side
  • Left or right hand motor placement


  • Thru-beam photo eyes
  • Ry-WiTM wireless system
  • PathwatchTM safety light system
  • Dual-chamber pneumatic reversing edge

Available Options

  • Fiberglass windribs
  • Composite hood and motor cover
  • Counterweighted egress system


An array of glass choices, including double strength, tempered, low e, insulated, obscure, mirrored, reeded and tinted. Light-filtering glass is available to add style while maintaining privacy.

frosted glassmirrored glassreeded glass


Features 197 powder coat color options to best match your home. Clear anodized finish comes standard.

Solid aluminum panels

Available for a unique, distinctive look.

Design flexibility

Variety of vertical rail widths and horizontal stile widths to complement your home’s style.


Can be fitted to meet windload building requirements.