Insulated Turbo Seal

Insulated Turbo Seal

With an average opening speed of over 101 inches per second and an extraordinary insulating capacity, the Turbo-Seal Insulated door is the definitive solution for cold storage environments. The revolutionary door is built on the proven Turbo-Seal platform for unmatched reliability and lasting performance.

Extremely Fast and Quiet

Peak speed of 182” per second with an unrivaled average opening speed of 101” per second – the highest average opening speed of any insulated roll door available.

System 4™ Controller

Easy to set-up, operate and maintain with total digital control and self-diagnostics. AC drive for soft starting, soft stopping and attaining higher speeds with smoother motion.

Rilon™ Thermal Panel

One-inch thick, closed-cell foam panel is laterally-rigid and horizontally flexible. Non-porous, moistureproof vapor barrier for uniform performance.

Perimeter Seals

Quad Seals™ in the side columns provide double seals on the front and back of the panel. Double brush seals combined with the idler barrel seal the top of the door. The pneumatic chambers compress
for a tight seal along the bottom of the door.

Thermal Breaks

Total thermal breaks built into the header, side columns and bottom bar minimize conductive thermal energy transference.


Upon accidental impact, the self-repairing system automatically resets and restores the door panel in just seconds without
any human intervention.

Threshold Lights

Innovative threshold LED light system (in amber and red) warns users when the door is about to close as well as when it is closing. This new feature provides added safety at the threshold.

Wireless System

Ry-Wi™ wireless system eliminates coil cords attached to the bottom bar and maintains door safety signals. This next generation system offers continuous and uninterruptible performance in practically any environment. Total frequency control eliminates signal interference in facilities with multiple doors or other wireless devices – including RFID.


Two thru-beam photo eyes, a dual-pneumatic reversing edge and threshold warning lights are standard. Optional RyBeam safety light curtain available.


Rytec’s System 4® door controller

Activator Options

The System 4™ door controller is designed to operate with many different types of activators, depending on the application and operating environment.

Floor Induction Loop

Activation loops embedded into the concrete on both sides of the doorway substantially reduce operator error in opening and closing doors. With no moving or exposed parts, floor induction loops are extremely reliable.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors operate on microwave technology. They detect pedestrian and vehicle motion in a prescribed area. The detector sends a signal to the controller to open the door.

Presence Sensors

Presence sensors detect pedestrians and vehicles in the area of the detector. Motion is not necessary. The sensor signals the controller to open the door.

Radio Controls

A radio control consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The vehicle operator activates the transmitter which sends a signal to the receiver. The receiver then signals the controller to open the door.

Push Button

The push button is generally used with pedestrian traffic and is typically mounted on the wall near the door. Pedestrians push the button as they approach the door, which signals the door to open.

Pull Cords

The pull cords are switches mounted on the ceiling. Pedestrians and vehicle operators pull the cord as they approach the door, signaling the controller to open the door. Vehicle operators generally have to slow down to pull the cord.

Photo Eyes

The photo eye sends a beam across the path leading to the door. If the beam is broken, it sends a signal to the controller to open the door.

Multiple Activators

The System 4 door controller permits many activators to be used in multiple combinations. For example, a door can be opened by forklifts through induction floor loops and by pedestrians through a push button, each with independent closing times to allow for pedestrians passing through the door.


In airlock applications, one controller with various activators permits doors to be interconnected so only one door is open at a time.

Optional RyBeam Safety Light Curtain

Creates a safety zone in the threshold with a series of light beams between a transmitter and receiver.


Subject to change


Rytec® Turbo-Seal® Insulated Door

Standard Size

Up to 12 feet wide by 16 feet high.

Door Panel

1” thick, non-porous, closed-cell foam panel of Rilon Thermal material with 2-ply core. Rilon core is a multi-layered, woven, dimensionally stable, puncture resistant, polymer impregnated monofilament polyester fabric. Material is laterally stiff and vertically flexible.

Side Frames

Self-supporting steel frame consisting of 11 gauge cold rolled sheet metal. Side frame covers to be 14 gauge cold rolled sheet metal. Side frames to incorporate thermal breaks, fiberglass protrusions and four (4) front and rear full-height brush seals to seal against both sides of fabric material. Dual electric thru-beam photo eyes standard.


Dual guided counterweights custom-sized to provide high-speed operation with less stress on the drive system.

Bottom Bar

Self-Repairing Break-Away™ bottom bar, with thermal break, consisting of a one-piece composite member that releases in either direction without damage to the door. When bottom bar and door panel are displaced from side guides, signal is sent to controller to automatically re-set bottom bar and panel material into the side guides and re-set the door cycle. Dual pneumatic auto-reversing edge on bottom bar. Vinyl loop hugs contour of floor for tight seal. Break-Away, and reversing edge, signal is transmitted via Ry-Wi™ wireless system.

Drive System

Three-phase, variable speed AC Drive provides soft acceleration and deceleration. Independent opening and closing speeds provide flexibility to meet any application. Motor and electrical components are factory wired to junction boxes in the head assembly.


NEW threshold warning lights provide added safety at the threshold. The standard safety feature includes bright LED lights on the side columns to signify door operation. Amber color pre-announces door will close. Red color announces door is closing.

Other standard safety features include two thru-beam photo eyes, a sensitivity-adjustable pneumatic reversing edge and Ry-Wi™ wireless. The Ry-Wi system eliminates coil cords and maintains communication signals.

Electrical Controls

System 4™ controller housed in a NEMA 4X rated enclosure with factory set parameters. Self-diagnostic features and a two-line, 32-character LCD display in English, Spanish or French provide quick installation and control adjustments. Programmable inputs and outputs accommodate special control applications without the need for additional electrical components.


One-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. Lifetime warranty on door counterweights.


An array of glass choices, including double strength, tempered, low e, insulated, obscure, mirrored, reeded and tinted. Light-filtering glass is available to add style while maintaining privacy.

frosted glassmirrored glassreeded glass


Features 197 powder coat color options to best match your home. Clear anodized finish comes standard.

Solid aluminum panels

Available for a unique, distinctive look.

Design flexibility

Variety of vertical rail widths and horizontal stile widths to complement your home’s style.


Can be fitted to meet windload building requirements.