770SS Series Sheet Rolling Doors


Facilities that require a quality door that installs quickly, operates dependably, and requires minimal maintenance. Like the other doors of our rolling sheet door line, this 26-gauge door features quick-connect components that simplify and speed installation while ensuring door sturdiness. Stepped counterbalance rings and a unique curtain profile ensure a tight curtain wrap resulting in a smooth operating door and minimal nesting. A host of other standard features from standard roller bearings and dual rub strips on both guide edges and both front edges of the curtain further promote smooth operation and longer life. Available in 14 standard colors, the 770 SS represents a good choice and a good value.

10′ (3048 mm)

Max. standard height

10′ (3048 mm)


26-gauge, roll-formed, galvanized steel sections interlocked and seamed to form full door height

Curtain material

High strength steel

Curtain rub

strips PVC on both front edges

Counter balance

assembly 9″ (229 mm) steel “stepped” rings to minimize headroom and enhance door operation

Universal guides

18-gauge, roll-formed galvanized steel, pre-punched to accept quick-connect components and with through-hole design for mounting to concrete, masonry, steel or wood jambs

Quick-connect headplate

14-gauge steel, quick-connect design with roller bearings

Bottom bar

Extruded aluminum reinforced with steel roll-formed angle

Quick-connect bottom bar

stops 14-gauge galvanized steel

Bottom seal

Bulb-type, astragal seal

Guide rub

Polypropylene strips on both edges

Standard springs

3 3/8″ (86 mm) torsion springs


Manual push up center handle with side step plate, and center rope attached to bottom bar


Right-side, two-bolt, yellow Di-Chromate Super Seal curtain lock

Exterior/Interior Finish

Paint finish in choice of 14 standard colors*: white, glossy white, country red, garnet red, royal blue, polar blue, forest green, desert tan, dark teal, teal, walnut brown, bronze, autumn orange and harvest orange