683 Series


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Open-air side-folding grilles provide security, while allowing air circulation and full visual access to interior spaces. The 681/682/683/684 Series offer a wide range of features to fit most any application where an open-air grille satisfies security requirements, such as in retail environments, malls, schools, offices and airports. The product line is distinguished by a variety of curtain patterns, colors and finishes. A countertop version is also available. Series 682 Avantgard™ — 6-5/16″ standard width panels, framed by min. 4″ (102mm) high aluminum bottom plates and 5-1/4″ (133mm) high aluminum top plates.

Panels are constructed of alternating aluminum plates according to the model specified:

9″ (229mm) panel alternating with 9″ (229mm) spacing.
12″ (305mm) panel alternating with 12″ (305mm) spacing.
18″ (457mm) alternating with 18″ (457mm) spacing.
24″ (610mm) panel alternating with 18″ (457mm) spacing.

Curtain Frame

Truss-like aluminum top and bottom plates

Frame thickness

1/8″ (3 mm)

Panel Width

6 5/16″ (160 mm) standard body

11 3/4″ (299 mm) wide body

Trolley assemblly

1 1/8″ (29 mm)

Vertical adjustment

1″ (25 mm) up/down without curtain removal


Top-mounted, heavy-duty aluminum sections

Track height

1 5/8″ (41 mm)

Track width

1 3/8″ (35 mm)

Standard track curves

90°, 120°, 135°, 150°

Std. radius

14″ (365 mm) standard body

22″ (559 mm) wide body

Post Types

Lead post

Hook lock and wall channel; bi-part; top bottom shoot bolts

Intermediate post

Bottom shoot bolt

Trailing end post

Traveling; fixed; hook lock and wall jamb; top and bottom shoot bolts; carrier

Locking mechanisms

Lead post

Concealed cylinder operated hook lock accessible from interior and exterior

Intermediate post

Concealed cylinder operated shoot bolt accessible from one side only

Trailing end post

Attached 10′ max. (3048 mm) protection plate self locking into a steel V-Stop

Standard finish

Clear anodized finish

All post types can be used in most any position as need dictates