640 Series


The 640 Series door is ideal for openings requiring a counter-type fire-rated door. Common applications include factories, schools, concessions, hospitals, cafeterias and retail settings. Labeled with either a 3-hour Class A rating for masonry applications, or a 1-1/2-hour Class B label in non-masonry fire walls, these doors are designed to expand upward in a fire, allowing the guides to be installed flush with the sill. Their compact, box-like form also provides an attractive finished appearance that requires minimum sideroom. The 640 Series has exposed components made of primed galvanized steel.

These doors are also available with a 1-1/2 hour fire-rated countertop with fire-resistant core and a vairty of poplular decorative laminate finishes. Added protection features, such as Fire Sentinel™ and FireLite® vision lites are optional.

Series 640 Series counter fire door is UL approved and can be custom designed for conveyor openings.

UL and FM Class A Labels

Available with UL and FM 3-hour Class A labels for masonry fire walls

UL Class B Labels

Available with a UL 1 1/2-hour Class B label for applications in non-masonry fire walls of dry wall with wood, steel studs, or steel tube jambs

NFPA-80 Compliant

Fusible link for added safety
Fusible link separates at 165°F (74°C) to automatically close the door

Controlled rate of descent for added safety

Governor controls rate of door descent during a fire

Attractive appearance

Compact box guide design for an attractive appearance

Upward-expanding guide design

for flush to counter top installation

Curtain finish

Flat slat curtain design in primed galvanized steel finish

Slide bolt on push-up and crank