610 Series Steel Rolling Doors


The 610 Series are suitable for heavy-duty commercial applications. Weatherseals for the interior side of guides or hood lintel are available as options. The Stormtite door system features a steel curtain with flat-profile slats. Aluminum and stainless steel slats are optionally available.

Max. Standard Width

30′ (9144 mm)

Max. standard height

28′ (8534 mm)


15-month limited


24 ga. galvanized steel
up to 18’4″ (5588 mm) width
20 ga. galvanized steel
up to 25’4′ (7722 mm) width
18 ga. galvanized steel
up to 30′ (9144 mm) width

Slat profile

Curved, type C-187 (610 Series)


Gray, tan, brown or white


24 ga. galvanized steel


20 psf

Standard mounting

Face of wall


Manual push-up up to
84 sq. ft. (7804 sq.mm) or
12′ x 7′ (3658 mm x 2134 mm)
Chain hoist over 84 sq. ft. (7804 sq.mm)
or 12′ x 7′ (3658 mm x 2134 mm)

Standard springs

20,000 cycle


Bottom bar astragal
Guides and hood battle


Primed steel roll formed up to 15’4″ wide and/or 15’4″ high. Angled guides over 15’4″ wide or high.

Bottom bar

Extruded aluminum with weatherseal
up to 15’4″ (4674 mm)
Back-to-back steel angles with weatherseal
less than 15’4″ (4674 mm)


Interior slide bolt on push-up Chain keepers on chain hoist