596 Series


The Thermacore® 596 Series is the premier insulated door available today. The 596 Series is constructed of 20-gauge galvanized steel with a flush, textured finish.

The 596 Series doors also carry a Class 26 sound transmission rating for applications where sound suppression is desirable.

Standard Max Width

36’2″ (11,024 mm)

Standard Max Height

24’1″ (7,341 mm)

Panel thickness

10 year delamination

Panel thickness

2″ (51mm)


17.4 (3.06 W/Msq)


.057 (.327 Msq/W)

Air infiltration

at 15 mph (24 kmph) .08 cfm (2.26 Lpm)

at 25 mph (40 kmph) .08 cfm (2.26 Lpm)

Thermal break


Exterior steel

20-gauge galvanized

Exterior surface

Flushed, textured

Standard springs

10,000 cycles

Sound transmission rating

Class 26

Exterior Color

White, industrial brown, tan or gray

Interior Color



10 year limited delamination