Dock Levelers

At Overhead Door of Bountiful, we proudly offer WB McGuire products. WB McGuire offers a complete line of dock equipment and dock levelers which incorporates the best in engineering and design, materials and manufacturing quality.

We offer the following types of dock levelers.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers
Air Powered Dock Levelers
Mechanical Dock levelers
“Leveling” up has never been easier, and you don’t need to be a game geek to get it done. Overhead Door Company features WB McGuire dock levelers, which are the best in the industry and complement design with state of the art engineering prowess. Using only the best materials and a manufacturing quality that can’t be beat, you have three options: Hydraulic dock levelers, mechanical dock levelers and air powered dock levelers. Not sure which is for you? Check with a member of the Overhead Door Company team and meet your match.

Why WB McGuire? Overhead Door Company only works with the best manufacturers and fellow retailers to provide Utahns with superior options. WB McGuire has been a proven leader in the industry for over four decades. Countless customers have counted on McGuire doors for the safest and best path to loading docks. Constantly improving and innovating, as logistical and business needs evolve, so does McGuire.

The Perfect Concoction

You can’t “just” have premium research or top of the line engineering when creating dock levelers. You have to have the whole shebang, and that’s where WB McGuire and Overhead Door Company meet in perfect harmony. WB McGuire is only offered by leading distributors, and that’s why Overhead Door Company proudly boasts this partnership.

Hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical pit-type levelers
Barrier lip hydraulic and pneumatic levelers
Hydraulic and mechanical edge-of-docks
Vertical storing levelers
Custom designs

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