Preparing a Bountiful Garage Door for the Hot Season

The changing of the seasons is often a good time for home or building owners to check on some of their primary components, and the garage door is a great example here. As the single largest working entry or exit point in nearly any home or building, the garage door may experience some wear-and-tear over the course of a full season like the winter we’re just coming out of – and ensuring it’s ready for the upcoming season is important, both for energy efficiency and for the long-term lifespan of your door and related components.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to help. We provide numerous services in preventive maintenance for garage doors, from seasonal inspections to basic sealing or efficiency tweaks to optimize your system. As we transition from the colder season in Bountiful and other parts of Utah toward the warmer time of year, here’s a basic primer on how to prepare your garage door and optimize it for the upcoming spring and summer.

preparing garage door hot season

Pre-Summer Checklist

Here are several areas you might consider during the current part of the year before we hit the peak of summer:

  • Basic cleaning: Removing dirt, dust and other debris that’s accumulated over the winter is great for garage doors, helping prevent corrosion and other risks. Use a mild dishwashing soap plus water, then a soft cloth or brush to clean both sides of the garage door. Then rinse it thoroughly with a hose.
  • Paint: If it hasn’t been done in a few years, a new coat of paint on your garage door will not only improve appearance, but also protect the door from various risks.
  • Rust removal: Especially if your door is metal or has metal components, but even if not, sand down any rust spots and consider future methods to prevent rust buildup.
  • Inspection: Have the door inspected by one of our garage door professionals, who will check on all areas of operation and related components plus identify minor repairs or upgrades that are needed before they become larger concerns.

Cooling Themes

Some general themes for keeping the garage cool during summer, therefore limiting HVAC strain and maximizing efficiency:

  • Make sure the area is well-ventilated, including use of ceiling fans or air conditioning.
  • Consider dehumidifiers to remove moisture and make the garage space feel less sticky.
  • If you’re painting the garage door, choose a lighter color that will reflect heat instead of absorbing it.
  • Remove clutter and any other blockages that might interfere with air flow.
  • Insulate several areas of the garage, including the door itself, or purchase a new garage door that’s well-insulated.

For more on important areas to keep an eye on with your garage door headed into the warm season of the year, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or other services in Bountiful and nearby areas, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.