Need Garage Door Service?

Everyone needs garage door service at some point — every homeowner who owns a garage, that is. Taking care of your garage door system will help you get the most out of your investment for years to come.

garage door service

Has your garage door been acting strange lately? Run through this checklist to see if you need to hire a professional to diagnose and repair issues.

Check the Door’s Response Time

Press the button on your opener remote — how soon does the door start to move? It should only take a second or two for the door to begin to open or close. Test its response time from the wall-mounted opener button as well. You should not have to press the buttons multiple times to get it to move.

If there’s a delay in operation, or the door pauses on its way up or down the tracks, the problem could be as simple as dying remote batteries, or it could be an issue with the opener system itself. If you replace the remote batteries and you’re still having this problem, you need professional garage door service.

Check How it Moves on the Tracks

When your door opens and closes, watch how it moves along the tracks. If it catches, jerks or continually comes off the tracks altogether, there could be an issue with the pulleys, sensors or alignment. You should schedule garage door service and allow a professional to get to the bottom of it.

Check the Seal Around the Door’s Edges

Check and see if the door seal fits snugly all the way around the perimeter. If there’s a gap, the door may be dented, the seal itself could require a repair or there could be an issue with the alignment.

Listen for Strange Noises

Does your door occasionally make a loud banging noise when you open it? Do you hear groaning, squeaking and squealing when it moves up or down? Don’t accept these noises as normal — they’re not. Loose screws, malfunctioning pulleys or worn rollers could all cause this issue.

The hardware and mechanics of the opening system should be examined by a professional. Don’t try to take the door opening system apart on your own — the high tension parts are extremely dangerous to handle without the right training and tools.

If you’re noticing decreased performance with your door, call Overhead Door Company. Scheduling preventive maintenance is the best approach to garage door service, because it helps keep the doors in good working order and fixes small problems before they turn into more expensive projects.