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5 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Garage door problems are a buzzkill.You’re rushing out the door, trying to get the kids to school and yourself to the office on time, then your garage door decides to act up. Or after a long day of work, when you can’t wait to get home and get out of the rain, your garage door decides to malfunction.What can you do to resolve the issues that plague your garage door?Here are five common garage door complaints and what to do about them: 1. It Makes a Loud Banging Noise Your d
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Need Garage Door Service?

Everyone needs garage door service at some point — every homeowner who owns a garage, that is. Taking care of your garage door system will help you get the most out of your investment for years to come.Has your garage door been acting strange lately? Run through this checklist to see if you need to hire a professional to diagnose and repair issues. Check the Door’s Response Time Press the button on your opener remote — how soon does the door start to move? It should only take a s
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Your Garage Door Remote Was Stolen: What Should You Do?

A garage door remote is a convenient tool — you don’t have to park and get out of your vehicle before pulling into the garage.In bad weather and when you’re in a rush, this efficient process helps you avoid discomfort and save time. With a click of a button, the automatic lift gate is activated and lets you inside.But did you know this handy tool could potentially be a security risk if it’s stolen? It’s a Real Safety Threat Many homeowners don’t think twice about pinnin
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Preventive Garage Door Maintenance: Do You Need It?

Forgetting about garage door maintenance is normal — who thinks about their garage doors? All you care about is that the door opens and closes when you need it to. As a homeowner, you already have so many other items on your to-do list. Is garage door maintenance a must?Here are three reasons you should schedule a tuneup today: 1. Keep it Working Keeping your garage doors functioning is a must. Think about how frustrated you’d be if they suddenly stop working when you needed to get

Commercial Garage Door Service Will Save You Money

A commercial garage door service does more than help you when you have a major problem; they keep your doors in shape year-round. Preventive maintenance isn’t a frivolous expense — it’s the best way to protect against more expensive issues that take a lot longer to repair.Here are five good reasons to schedule commercial garage door service before a problem crops up. Reduce Risk of Injury Employees are a central asset to every company, and a malfunctioning garage door poses a saf
Wood Garage Door

Your Guide to Maintaining a Wood Garage Door

Maintaining a wood garage door isn’t hard, but it is important. If you let the wood’s finish wear away, then mold, decay and infestations could pose issues.Nothing compares to the superior beauty of a stained wood garage door, but regular inspections are vital to keeping it in top-notch condition. Refreshing the Finish Regardless of the material it’s made of, no finish lasts forever. A large part of maintaining a wood garage door is keeping the seal intact. Whether the surface is
Automatic Garage Door Opener Utah

Is it Time to Upgrade to an Automatic Garage Door Opener?

Is an automatic garage door opener worth the investment?You may have grown tired of lifting your heavy garage door on your own. You’d love to be able to press a button and have the work done for you.Here are four ways an automatic garage door opener will make your life better: Convenience: Your Main Motivation The convenience factor is obvious. If you’re like many homeowners, you use your garage as one of the main entry points to your home. When you have your arms full of child