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Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close All the Way? 

Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close All the Way? 

A garage door is a convenience you barely notice until it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do — close!Whether your garage gets stuck in the open position halfway down or leaves a hairline crack between the door and the pavement — both scenarios are a problem. Why does your door do this? More importantly, how can you fix it? You can’t just leave your garage open to the world.Below are five potential causes and one surefire solution of a garage door that won’t clos
Avoid Garage Door Repair with These 4 Tips

Avoid Garage Door Repair with These 4 Tips

The best type of garage door repair is the kind you don’t need. After all the expenses homeowners incur over time, fixing your garage door is just another cost that you would surely rather avoid. We understand, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your door and opening system.Is it possible to head off garage door repair before it’s needed? You bet! Below are four tips to keep your system in good condition. 1. Don’t Leave Items in the Way of the Tracks If a hap
reasons your need a working garage door safety sensor

5 Reasons You Need a Working Garage Door Safety Sensor

A garage door safety sensor is a device that detects when the garage door will close on an object or living thing, then reverses direction before that can happen. It’s an injury and property damage prevention system that is required by law for homes in Utah.If your sensor frequently malfunctions or has stopped working, take a look at our top five reasons you should make repairs a priority. Your Kids and Pets Need Protection Garage doors closing on anyone can be painful and danger
Repair or Replace a Dented Garage Door?

Repair or Replace a Dented Garage Door?

A dented garage door is an eyesore, but the dent might also prevent the door from rolling up and down smoothly. You may wonder if it’s easier to repair the dent or replace the door. In most cases, a dented garage door can be repaired, but sometimes replacement is a better solution.Repairs Are Usually Possible Most garage doors are fabricated panel by panel. When someone backs a car up into your door or crashes a bicycle into it, it probably has mainly affected one section of th
Garage Door Insulation

Garage Door Insulation: What You Should Know 

You’ll hear a lot about garage door insulation when you’re shopping for a new door or evaluating the energy efficiency of your home. Since your garage is one of your main entry and exit points, it’s natural to find yourself concerned about the potential energy loss from this doorway. Also, if you use your garage for anything other than simply housing your vehicles, you probably wish it would retain heat a little better. What do you need to know about garage door insula
Winter Garage Door Problems

Common Winter Garage Door Problems and Solutions

Winter garage door problems can make getting on the road a headache on chilly mornings. Out of all the seasons of the year, winter is the one where you’re most grateful for a well-functioning garage door, but it’s also the season in which you’re likely to deal with some common winter garage door problems.Take a look at the top three typical issues you might run into, and how to respond when you do. Problem #1: Broken Metal Components Winter (especially winter in Utah) can wrea
new garage door

A New Garage Door Helps Your House Make a Good First Impression

A new garage door is what your home needs to give it an effective face lift. If your exteriors are updated, your landscaping is on point but your garage doors are falling apart, they’ll ruin your home’s good looks.Whether you want to boost your standing in the neighborhood or show off to potential buyers, a new garage door can help you reach your goal. Plus, it’ll make you feel better to store your car in a gorgeous garage.How does a new garage door help your home make