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Staying Warm in Your Garage This Winter

If you’re like many Utah residents, the worst part of a given winter day for you takes place when you leave the house to go to work for the day. You’re prepared for the day in your warm, toasty home, ready to face whatever comes – and then you step into a freezing cold garage and your enthusiasm disappears instantly.At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. We offer a huge range of well-insulated garage doors, including Thermacore products that are
tips childproofing garage

Tips on Childproofing a Garage

Because you’re dealing with the largest and bulkiest mechanical items in most homes, practicing proper garage door safety is vital. This is particularly true for homes with younger children, who may view the garage as a toy rather than an item to take great care around.At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to help. We’re always available for basic garage door repair services, but we also regularly go the extra mile to help clients with our expertise in various safety area. One common su
choosing garage color

Choosing the Right Garage Color

If you’re thinking about getting a new or replacement garage door, there are several important factors you’ll be considering. From hardware and material considerations to design and aesthetics, the garage door is a big part of both your home’s functionality and its future value. At Overhead Door Company in Bountiful, we can help with all these areas and more. We have a huge range of commercial and residential garage doors, and our pros can assist you in assessing your needs and determini

How to Safely Clean Your Garage Door

The garage door is a useful feature that often goes unnoticed until a problem occurs. However, providing special attention to this system before the issues arise will help it last longer.You should clean your garage door at least twice a year, more if you live on a coast or other large bodies of salty water. The wind carries remnants of this water and hits your door. Over time this will hurt your door and make it more susceptible to other damages.Even if you don’t live on the coast
3 Sounds Your Garage Door Shouldn't Make

3 Sounds Your Garage Door Shouldn’t Make

Sometimes, although your garage door seems to be working fine, it may make some disconcerting noises.Which sounds are normal and which ones need to be checked out? These are questions homeowners are constantly asking themselves.If your door seems to creak a little bit, you should know that’s natural. However, if you begin to notice more unusual sounds, you should get a maintenance team to take a look. Often, these sounds are indicative of a weakened part or future problem.Bel
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DIY Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance isn’t a daily or even a weekly task, but by prioritizing monthly checks, quarterly maintenance and annual in-depth attention, you will save money and frustration over the life span of your garage door.While quality garage doors will certainly last for years, it won’t happen without attention to the detailed workings that make them lift and lower smoothly. It’s a moving system that needs regular service to stay in good working order.How should you handl
Installing a Garage Door with Windows

4 Common Garage Door Repairs and the Signs You Need Them

It can be disheartening to find you need garage door repairs. But it can also be comforting to know the signs of trouble with your garage door aren’t unusual. All garage doors need regular tune-ups and eventually repairs. When you have a smart, proactive repair company on call, performing regular maintenance and looking out for problems, your garage stays in better shape for longer.Below are the top four garage door repairs our team handles, along with signs you should call