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homeowners insurance garage door repairs

Role of Homeowners’ Insurance in Garage Door Repairs

If you’re a new homeowner, one of the primary considerations you’ll be making in terms of protecting your home is thinking about a homeowners’ insurance policy. Common among homeowners, these policies offer insurance against damage in several major areas of the home that could be susceptible to this kind of damage based on several causes, from weather elements to vandalism and many others.At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to inform you of one vital area within a homeowners’ insu
lubrication areas garage doors

Important Lubrication Areas and Tips for Garage Doors

At Overhead Door Company, we’re proud to maintain a fantastic relationship with many of our garage door clients. Whether in commercial, residential or even industrial garage door areas, we offer a combination of quality in-person services and valuable expertise – the sort that allows homeowners or building managers to properly care for and maintain their garage doors and spaces for years with limited hassle or expense.One such area that’s very important for long-term garage door upkeep
benefits parking inside garage

Benefits of Always Parking Vehicles Inside the Garage

In today’s day and age, people use their garages for a variety of purposes. There’s standard vehicle storage, yes, but there’s also significant secondary storage, conversions into home offices or workspaces, and several other alternative options many choose to dedicate some or all of their garage space to.At Overhead Door Company, we’re proud to offer high-quality residential garage door services for all  the varying purposes and needs you might utilize your garage space for. We’r
warm weather garage door maintenance

Warm Weather Garage Door Maintenance Areas

A long, arduous Utah winter is finally coming to a close, and many homeowners are glad to be transitioning into a warmer period of year. This transition does bring with it a few minor upkeep areas, and one of these for your home might be garage door maintenance.At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to help with all your garage door repair and upkeep areas this spring and summer. Let’s go over some basic areas you should be thinking about as the temperature continues to rise, both in areas
garage door bowing warping

Defining and Assessing Garage Door Bowing and Warping

There are several prominent materials that might be used to construct your garage door, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. One such option is wood, one of the most popular and classic choices for garage material and one of the top available materials when it comes to lasting, beautiful quality – but also one that comes with small risks of bowing and warping.At Overhead Door Company, we’re here to help with repairs for bowing, warping and any other concerns for your resid
sources garage ghost openings

Understanding Sources of Garage Ghost Openings

In the garage door industry, when a garage door opens on its own for one of a variety of reasons, this is called “ghost opening.” Garages contain several mechanisms, and the failure of even one can lead to this kind of ghost opening, which can not only pose safety hazards to those nearby but can risk the security of your house when you aren’t home.At Overhead Door Company, our garage door repair services include helping you identify the source of ghost openings and assisting you with c
selecting single-panel sectional garages

Selecting Between Single-Panel and Sectional Garages

If you’re considering a new garage door for your home or business, one of the first big decisions you’ll make is between the two primary types of garage door: The single-panel door and the sectional door. Single-panel garages come in a single large piece, while sectional doors come with separate panels and are more common for homeowners today.At Overhead Door Company, our residential garage door selection includes several different distinct types. Let’s look into some important factors