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steel garage doors comparisons

Steel Garage Doors: Comparisons to Other Materials

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on steel garage doors and their different types. There are a few varieties of steel door out there, each with slightly different properties and benefits, and choosing to go with steel rather than another garage door material also involves knowing which of these types you’re interested in.At Overhead Door Company, we’re happy to offer numerous residential and commercial garage doors, including options like sectional steel
steel garage doors types layers

Steel Garage Doors: Types and Thickness Layers

There are a few materials that are often used for modern garage doors, and one of the most common and well-known is steel. Valued for its strength and durability, plus its resistance to corrosion and several other factors, steel is extremely popular for today’s garage door needs – but it’s important to realize that not all steel garage doors are created equal, nor are they meant to be. At Overhead Door Company, we’re proud to offer a wide range of residential and commercial garage doors
importance garage door photo eye

Basics and Importance of Garage Door Photo Eye

There are a few important components to keep track of when it comes to your garage door, and one of the most vital from a safety perspective is the photo eye, or photo eye sensors. These sensors are in charge of ensuring there are no blockages or obstructions to your door when it's opening and especially closing, preventing safety risks while also keeping the door in good shape at all times. At Overhead Door Company, our garage door repair services cover a comprehensive range of garage componen
preparing garage door hot season

Preparing a Bountiful Garage Door for the Hot Season

The changing of the seasons is often a good time for home or building owners to check on some of their primary components, and the garage door is a great example here. As the single largest working entry or exit point in nearly any home or building, the garage door may experience some wear-and-tear over the course of a full season like the winter we’re just coming out of – and ensuring it’s ready for the upcoming season is important, both for energy efficiency and for the long-term lifesp
matching garage entry door color

Factors in Matching Garage Door and Entry Door Color

For homeowners who put value in their home’s curb appeal, or aesthetic value to those who are viewing it from the outside, garage doors are an important component here. Not only do garage doors represent one of the widest color swaths on many home exteriors, they are also perfect options for improving your home’s aesthetic through matching or blending their color and style with other exterior elements of the home.At Overhead Door Company, we’re happy to offer numerous residential gara
garage conversion plumbing wiring

Garage Conversion: Plumbing, Wiring and Other Needs

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics for those who are looking to convert their garage into another purpose of some kind. Whether for a home office, game room or even an actual living space, there are many common garage conversions today, and these impact several areas of the space – including the garage door. At Overhead Door Company, we're happy to offer a wide range of residential garage doors and related services, such as repairs and assistance with a
garage conversion door theme

Garage Conversion: Garage Door and Theme Considerations

While the most common use for a garage space today remains vehicle storage, the garage conversion is also a popular method for many homeowners. This conversion, which involves transforming the garage space into a living area of some sort, may involve several specific themes – including the garage door itself.At Overhead Door Company, we're happy to provide a number of residential garage door services, from basic repairs to those who are looking to convert their space into a variety of ot