Is it Time to Upgrade to an Automatic Garage Door Opener?

Is an automatic garage door opener worth the investment?

Automatic Garage Door Opener

You may have grown tired of lifting your heavy garage door on your own. You’d love to be able to press a button and have the work done for you.

Here are four ways an automatic garage door opener will make your life better:

Convenience: Your Main Motivation

The convenience factor is obvious. If you’re like many homeowners, you use your garage as one of the main entry points to your home. When you have your arms full of children, groceries or luggage, it’s frustrating to have to put everything down to open your garage. It’s easier to just click a remote.

There’s also an element of comfort you can enjoy with an automatic system You won’t have to get out of your car to open the garage only to slip and slide on your icy driveway in the winter. You won’t have to get your work clothes wet in the rain. Stay warm and dry!

Security: What You Don’t Realize You Need

You might be so focused on convenience that you don’t realize the security benefits of an automatic opening system. Do you always remember to bolt your manual-lift garage door at night?

An automatic garage door opener doesn’t allow for manual lift from the outside. Your opening remote is the only way to get the door open, and when that’s locked away inside your home, there is no way burglars will gain entry through the garage.

Get the peace of mind of knowing that all the valuables you store in your garage are safe. Get the assurance that your home is at a lower risk of a break-in through the garage.

Safety: No More Hands-On Heavy Lifting

Stop worrying that you’re going to drop the garage door on your foot, or worse, a pet or child. Garage doors can be heavy, and when you’re responsible for raising and lowering them safely, it can be difficult and stressful.

Value: It’s an Investment

Garage doors are more likely to break when they’re operated manually. There’s a chance you might drop it too hard or raise it too quickly, damaging the tracks and wheels. An automatic opener uses the right amount of force every time, and moves the door in a controlled, even motion, preserving it and all the attached components.

Also, an automatic opening system adds value to your home. Potential buyers will be more interested because of all the benefits listed previously.

Are you ready to upgrade? Talk to Overhead Door today and we’ll help you find the automatic garage door opener that’s perfect for your home.