Incorporate the Newest Trends in Garage Doors

According to the newest trends in garage doors, the large doors that hide your vehicles and your tools from sight may be big and bulky, but don’t have to be boring! Increasingly more Garage Door Trendsautomated, garage doors are incorporating new design elements that make them an attractive complement to the rest of your home.

Garage doors most often come from the factory finished in white or wood tones, with or without windows and with or without insulation. They are functional, and they often blend into the house rather than stand out. The newest doors emphasize style as well as function.

Newest Trends in Garage Doors Add Style

The most obvious new trend in garage doors is the move toward diverse colors supplied from the factory. While homeowners have always painted their garage doors in different colors when the shiny newness wore off, applying paint did not result in the same durable finishes that come out of the factory. Now, many manufacturers are making doors in a variety of popular colors so that customers can have the advantage of factory-quality baked on finishes. The newest pallets might include black, gray, green, or desert sand, as well as more traditional alternative choices such as almond, sandstone, or brown.

Modern garages may contain more stylistic elements. While a row of windows has always been common, many garages now include more windows that may resemble those on the home, or that may cover more of the door for an attractive open look. To prevent too much visibility, at least some of the windows can be frosted for privacy. In addition to more windows, the doors may also have shutters and a variety of moldings, rails, overlays, and trim to accent the door. Even traditional raised panel doors can be configured to resemble carriage doors or have other stylistic elements such as arches that make the top of the door appeared to be rounded.

Increased Functionality

As garage doors become more attractive, they are also becoming more functional. Some garages are outfitted with workshops, gyms, laundries, offices, and other equipment that make them more than car storage facilities. Insulated doors have been popular for quite some time, but installation with greater R-value make the space more versatile, while blocking more cold air from entering the house. Some homeowners even heat their garage to make it a more comfortable workspace. The net result can be a more comfortable garage and improve energy efficiency.

Stylish doors are increasingly more functional. Many now open with smart phones and tablets as well as with separate remotes for increased convenience. The user can even close the door from a remote location, as well as turn on lights to make entry safer.

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