How to Safely Clean Your Garage Door

The garage door is a useful feature that often goes unnoticed until a problem occurs. However, providing special attention to this system before the issues arise will help it last longer.

You should clean your garage door at least twice a year, more if you live on a coast or other large bodies of salty water. The wind carries remnants of this water and hits your door. Over time this will hurt your door and make it more susceptible to other damages.

Even if you don’t live on the coast of the Great Salt Lake, protecting your garage door is still an important step for the responsible home owner. You should know that there is a right way and a wrong way to clean your garage doors.

clean garage door

Here are four safe ways to clean your system.

1.Use Water And Soap

While the finish on your garage door is strong enough to stand up to heavy winds and storms, it doesn’t fare well with harsh chemicals.

When you clean your door, you should only use water and soap. Both dish washing soap and car soap are acceptable and safe. A simple rinse off will get rid of a lot of dust and grim and prevent any buildup from getting trailed into your motor or tracks.

2.Dust and Lubricate the Tracks

It’s a good idea to clean your tracks at the same time that you wash down the doors. This will avoid debris building up and causing problems.

A simple washcloth will suffice. However, afterwards if you want to use a lubricant be sure to avoid oil-based ones. These, along with grease, stick to dirt and clog up the tracks more. A better option is silicone based lubricants.

3.Wax the Door

Adding lubricant to the tracks and the door not only help it to look good, but prevent rust. To wax your garage door you can use car wax or a specific door wax. Either of them will prevent excess wear and tear damage.

4.Spot Clean With Bleach Only For Excessive Stains

We know that sometimes water and a light soap just don’t do the trick. If this is the case, it’s acceptable to use bleach. It’s important that you rinse it off as soon as possible. Bleach is effective at removing oil stains. However, left on the door too long and it will remove the paint or the finish as well.

Make Your Garage Door Look Brand New

The best garage doors last a long time. You can help them last even longer though. These simple steps should only take a couple of hours every year, but they can go a long way in protecting your garage door.

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