How Long Is a Garage Door’s Life Span?

For many Utah homeowners, their garage door’s life span is a mystery. The roof should last 30 years. The water heater should last 10 years. You have expectations about other home systems, but garage doors are harder to judge. When can you expect to have to replace yours?

Estimating a garage door’s life span isn’t always easy. It may depend on the weather. Projections may change based on how well it’s maintained. Some may last 30 years, but others may need to be replaced much sooner.

Garage Door Life Span

Here’s how you can maximize the life of your door:

Monitor Spring Life

Garage door springs will only work for a set number of cycles. Torsion springs typically last for 10,000 cycles. That means if you open and close your garage twice a day, seven days a week, your torsion springs will work for almost 14 years. Extension springs usually last for at least 15,000 cycles. You may be able to get 20 years out of this type of spring.

Keep track of when your springs were last changed, and roughly estimate how often you use your garage door. This will tell you when it’s time to call a technician for torsion or extension spring replacement.

Maintain the Exterior

The door panel itself may be made of aluminum, steel, wood or vinyl, all of which require a different maintenance approach.

Read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and wash the door on a regular basis. Vinyl doors may simply need soap and water, but wood may need to be sanded and repainted to avoid mold and rot.

Replace Parts and Apply Lubricant as Needed

Inspect your garage door seal regularly, and replace the gasket if necessary. It’s a simple repair, but it’s important because it keeps moisture out of your garage and away from the door. This is key for a wooden garage door.

You should also abide by manufacturer guidelines and apply lubricant to the springs and rollers when needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire system.

Your Automatic Opener

Your automatic opening system likely comes with its own warranty, typically between 10 and 15 years. While you may have to replace your opener about halfway through your garage door’s life, it’s worth it for the convenience, and for keeping your door stable as it opens and closes over the years.

Know Your Warranty Coverage

Read the manufacturer’s warranty coverage closely. It can give you clues as to the length of the garage door’s life span. It’s not unusual for doors to remain beautiful and sturdy beyond the warranty coverage, but make sure you know when it expires so you can keep up with thorough maintenance.

Depend on a Professional for Expert Repairs

Want to extend your garage door’s life span? Trust Overhead Door Company for service throughout northern Utah. We are here for you for routine repairs, and 24/7 for emergencies.