Having a Garage Door Backup Power Supply Is a Good Idea

Is a garage door backup power supply more important than a fully charged portable cell phone battery?

It’s a toss-up, and the cell phone may come out on top. But when the power is out and it’s time to leave your house, you’ll wish you had both!

Backup Power Supply

What to Do in a Blackout

Blackouts in bad weather are frustrating, but common. While you’re waiting for the power to come back on, you might want to light candles and play card games … or you might want to leave your house and go somewhere where there’s light and entertainment.

You walk out to your garage and hop in the car, only to realize pressing the garage door opener button isn’t going to get you anywhere — it’s down, just like all other electrically powered systems in your home.

What should you do? Are you trapped in your house for the duration of the blackout? Thankfully, garage doors are required by law to offer a manual operation feature. All you have to do is pull the emergency rope that’s attached to the opener. It usually has a red, T-shaped handle at the end.

This disengages the garage door from the drive belt or chain. Open the lock and lift the door slowly. Be careful — garage doors can be heavier than you expect. Once the door is fully open, make sure it will stay open before you let go.

Prevent This Problem from Recurring

When you have to revert to manually operating your garage door, you’ve gone back to the dark ages, both literally and figuratively. But you can make sure this doesn’t happen again in the event of another blackout.

A garage door backup power supply will provide battery power for the automatic opening system, allowing between five and 20 full cycles (both opening and closing the door) and letting you in and out of your garage easily, regardless of your home’s power situation.

Your Battery Backup Options

Garage door backup power batteries are built into your opening system. If you didn’t select this add-on option when purchasing your lift, you can’t add one after the fact. Some non-manufacturer-brand aftermarket options can work, but they are usually large and clunky and not the best choice if you’re looking for sleek efficiency and a system that’s guaranteed to work with your model.

If your automatic garage door opening system is old enough that a backup power supply wasn’t an option at the time of installation, consider upgrading your system so you can take advantage of this great feature.

Test Your Backup Power Source Regularly

Make sure the battery backup is fully charged, and test it every few months to make sure it’s in good working condition.

Looking for assistance installing a new system or checking your garage door backup power supply? Get in touch with our garage door team — we are ready and willing to help!