Garage Door Service Frequency Recommendations

Like many other high-value elements on a given home property that also undergo regular wear-and-tear, maintenance is an important factor for garage doors. From the doors themselves to various components such as tracks, rollers, hinges and more, wear-down and damage over time may take place, but strong upkeep will prevent these minor issues from growing into larger ones that threaten both safety and financial areas.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re proud to offer quality garage door preventive maintenance for all our clients. No matter your door type or material, we’re familiar with it and know exactly where to look to identify minor issues you may not have caught on your own. One common question we get within this realm: How often should a garage door receive service or upkeep? Our standard answer: It depends on a few factors, most importantly the current state of the door. Here’s a primer on the variables you can use to determine how often garage door service is needed, plus why it matters.

garage door service frequency

Why Garage Door Service Matters

Garage door service is vital for its ability to extend your door’s lifespan. If you leave your garage door alone without a single bit of maintenance over the course of multiple years, the chances of it developing long-term issues skyrocket – as does your risk of a major expense here.

With proper regular service, however, these concerns aren’t present. Smaller issues can be quickly identified and remedied for low or even no cost, rather than waiting until they spiral out of control and impact the entire system. You’ll completely avoid emergency service needs of any kind.

Homeowner Checks

In many cases, periodic homeowner checks – we recommend inspecting the garage once every couple months, or more often if it’s older – will easily help you identify signs that service is needed. A couple areas you can check on without any risk to safety or door quality:

  • Eye function: The garage door eye is the sensor that tells the opener if something is in the way of the door opening or closing. Try placing a broom or some other item in front of it and then pressing the button – if the door stops, no problem. If not, this is a safety issue and you should contact our team for service immediately.
  • Alignment: Unhook your opener and raise the door up and down by hand. If this is very difficult and the weight is very high, you could have an alignment problem.

Professional Service

In other cases, however, signs that service is required might not be visible to the untrained eye. This is why yearly (or more frequent) garage door service from our professionals is so important: We can check for all these areas, from broken springs or rollers to cable issues, sectional or panel concerns, problems with the opener or remote and much more. During each yearly appointment, we’ll also recommend service frequency moving forward.

For more on how often you should service your garage door and why this is important, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or related services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.