Garage Door Materials: Steel and Natural Wood Options

Choosing a new garage door is an important process for any home or building, as you want this door to be a major part of both your aesthetics and your security for many years into the future. One primary variable to be considering while you carry this process out: Which material will be used for your door. 

At Overhead Door Company, we’re happy to offer a wide range of both commercial and residential garage door materials for our clients to select between when they’re looking to replace a garage door anywhere on their property. When you’re making this choice, what are some of the most common materials you’ll have available, and what are the potential benefits and drawbacks of each to consider? Here’s a basic primer.

garage door materials steel wood

Steel Garage Doors

Perhaps the single most popular material used for garage doors today is simple steel. Steel may be one of the most commonly used metals in all types of commercial and residential construction, so it is a natural choice for garage doors that have to serve as part of a major ongoing building’s security system.

In addition, many people also pick with steel because it is an inherently beautiful material. The color choices alone are going to be more vast than with any other commonly available material. Steel can be painted in a range of vivid and subtle colors that may allow you to pick the garage door that best matches your home’s exterior and your own personal preferences.

Steel also has other great attributes, such as its high tensile strength, which means it is harder to bend or deform than other materials. This high tensile strength also means that steel doors tend to be significantly more energy efficient than many alternative choices, which can help you save on your monthly heating and air conditioning bills. In addition, most steel doors allow for simple incorporation of insulation into the door for those looking to increase the R-value and temperature control qualities of the door.

Natural Wood Garage Doors

For those looking to promote their garage door’s style just as much as its practical functionality, one great alternative is to choose a natural wood door. Wood garage doors are some of the most attractive and distinctive available to you as a homeowner, and as such they may be highly desirable if your home is one that has been carefully designed around its exterior. Plus, wood’s natural beauty will only become more apparent as it ages over time, truly becoming a part of the look and feel of your home.

You should be aware that wood doors do have some drawbacks. As a natural material, the lifespan of a wood door is typically going to be shorter than that of many steel or aluminum doors. Natural wood also requires regular and ongoing maintenance in order to keep it looking its best, whether through an annual coat of paint or some other similar treatment.

However, when you consider that wood doors are also more environmentally friendly, there are many reasons homeowners consider them.

In part two of our series, we’ll go over a few other garage door materials to consider. For more on this or any of our garage door installation services, speak to the pros at Overhead Door Company today.