Garage Conversion: Plumbing, Wiring and Other Needs

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics for those who are looking to convert their garage into another purpose of some kind. Whether for a home office, game room or even an actual living space, there are many common garage conversions today, and these impact several areas of the space – including the garage door.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re happy to offer a wide range of residential garage doors and related services, such as repairs and assistance with a variety of other needs. We’ll help in several ways if you’re looking to convert a garage for any purpose, especially if your project requires replacing your current door with a different option. Here are some of the other factors you’ll need to assess when considering this sort of conversion.

garage conversion plumbing wiring

Plumbing Needs

For those who require plumbing access within their converted garage space, this can be one of the more labor-intensive areas of the conversion. The simpler side is typically the actual plumbing connections – most modern homes have the right equipment and connections to make this fairly simple, often with some basic assistance from a plumber.

The larger hassle issue in most cases: Drainage. For those with a laundry or utility room nearby, you might be able to convert this into a bathroom and eliminate drainage issues quickly. In other cases, though, you will have to add a plumbing line for drainage or related needs.

Wiring Considerations

For those who will have major electrical needs in their garage space, you may have to add new circuits to your electrical system. Most garages only come with a single lighting circuit, but you’ll probably need more than this for a home office or any related area. If the garage is detached, wiring may be run through an underground circuit. In some cases, power sources here may be similar to those for your door opener.

Storage, Parking and Space

One other important area to be thinking about here is what you’ll be doing to adjust to having less storage and parking space in the garage. For some this isn’t an issue, especially families who only own one car in a two-car garage, but others will have to make some adjustments. You might consider buying a carport if you’re looking for additional vehicle protection, for instance, or you could look into a detached garage. For storage needs, you may have some additional space in your basement, attic or another area of your home where you can transfer items.

For more on how to go about converting your garage in one of several ways, or to learn about any of our related garage door services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.