Factors in Matching Garage Door and Entry Door Color

For homeowners who put value in their home’s curb appeal, or aesthetic value to those who are viewing it from the outside, garage doors are an important component here. Not only do garage doors represent one of the widest color swaths on many home exteriors, they are also perfect options for improving your home’s aesthetic through matching or blending their color and style with other exterior elements of the home.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re happy to offer numerous residential garage door services, including assistance for those who are looking to properly match or contrast their garage door with other important exterior curb appeal areas of the home. Whether you’re looking to directly match your door’s color with other elements, such as a front entry door or window dressings, or you’re considering a contrasting color scheme of some sort, here are a few general tips on this blending effort. We’ll use the entry door as a test example for your matching surface.

matching garage entry door color

Material is Important

Generally speaking, garage doors and entry doors are made from the same primary materials: Wood, fiberglass and steel. Garage doors do have a few other options as well, but these are some of the typical ones you’ll see.

Which material is chosen will play an important role in your color options. Many homeowners try to match the material that’s chosen to make this area simpler, but you don’t necessarily have to. Just be aware that wood doors tend to provide the widest array of color options, while on the flip side, certain steel doors can be a bit more limited. If your current home aesthetic features any unique colors, going in another direction besides steel might be the right call.

Factor in Architecture

Color isn’t the only feature you should be considering when it comes to the aesthetics of a new garage door. You should also be sure the door complements your home’s style and architecture – if you have a modern home with sleek design, for instance, a steel garage door with a steel front door would be a fantastic combo. If your home is Colonial, on the other hand, a steel option will not be ideal.

View Various Light Angles

If possible, do your best to view the new door setup in multiple light angles. This might mean coming back to it a couple times during the day to see how the varying angles of the sun changes things. You may be surprised by just how different your door arrangement looks when the light has changed, so it’s good to get an idea of things at different times before finalizing your choice.

For more on how to contrast your garage door with your entry door, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.