Does My Business Need Commercial Security Grilles?

Need extra protection for your business? Security grilles can protect any commercial space from thefts, vandalism, and break-ins.

Security Grille

Often used in malls, as well as for stores that face the street, these grilles roll or slide into place to form a barrier between the public and your store. Usable with or without glass, the grilles allow customers to see the merchandise in your store without allowing access. Security grilles provide the protection without being either off-putting or unsightly.

Security Grilles Offer Stylish Protection

Storeowners sometimes put opaque gates or shutters around their business when it is closed in order to prevent intruders. While this can be effective, the effect is to is to make the building appear as a fortress, rather than as a retail store eager for business. While it can keep intruders out, it can also make it easier for burglars who have penetrated the building to steal merchandise and vandalize the store without detection.

Security grilles are a series of bars or lattices that offer varying degrees of protection. They are available in an array of materials that offer increasing degrees of security. For many applications, grilles made of aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel serve the purpose, while for the most secure situations, others are made of panels of polycarbonate or tempered glass between panels of anodized aluminum.

Open air side folding grilles, often used in malls, retail environments, schools, offices, and airports, have a series of plates and vertical steel rods spaced less than two inches apart to keep intruders out, while allowing the air circulation and full visibility of the interior. Similar models are available that roll rather than fold. These security grilles are usually available in a variety of curtain patterns, colors, and finishes. For better security, some grilles come with fire retardant polycarbonate panels.

Popular Security Grille Features

The grilles are mounted from the ceiling and require as little as 1.5 inches of ceiling clearance. Most have no track on the bottom, which increases customer safety by not posing a tripping hazard. Once opened, the doors stack into side panels. When closed, the doors lock.

The security grilles offer many features that make them easy to use as well as effective. Most models can be opened by hand without motors or cranks, although some models are motorized and offer electrical open openers, much like garage door openers. The motorized option is particularly convenient for heavier models used for parking garages or institutional or industrial applications.

Customized Protection Options

No matter what size of opening you are trying to protect, a custom security grille can be ordered to fit the space. Whether you need a countertop height or a full door opening model, or one that is straight or curved or meant to go around corners, there is a model available to suit your needs.

The grilles come in different curtain patterns that can offer increased security without sacrificing light or visibility. By decreasing the amount of space between bars or by interspersing bars with polycarbonate panels, you can prevent thieves from passing their hands or even merchandise or tools through the grille. By interspersing bars with aluminum or perforated metal panels, you can reduce visibility.

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