DIY Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance isn’t a daily or even a weekly task, but by prioritizing monthly checks, quarterly maintenance and annual in-depth attention, you will save money and frustration over the life span of your garage door.

While quality garage doors will certainly last for years, it won’t happen without attention to the detailed workings that make them lift and lower smoothly. It’s a moving system that needs regular service to stay in good working order.

How should you handle garage door maintenance?

DIY Garage Door Maintenance

First: Stay Aware

Pay attention to how your door operates. Notice if it makes any noises or if it moves smoothly. Once you know what is normal for your door, you’ll have an easier time noticing when something is off.

Tighten the Hardware

Since your garage door opens and closes hundreds of times a year, get into the habit of regularly tightening all the bolts and screws. The vibrations that accompany opening and closing can rattle and loosen parts, so use a socket wrench to retighten these as needed.

Replace Worn Rollers and Weatherstripping

The rollers are important to smooth opening and closing. But over time, nylon rollers crack and break. Replace them when this happens, as long as they aren’t directly attached to the cables. If this is the case, you need a professional to handle the job. Take a close look at the rollers every couple of months to make sure they look strong.

The weather-stripping that surrounds the door’s edges is also important. It keeps outside air where it belongs and helps you save on heating and cooling costs. When it tears or cracks due to age, make sure to replace it right away.

Visually Inspect Cables and Springs

Garage door cables and springs are extremely dangerous. They have the power to kill you if they break while under tension. Do not under any circumstances attempt to detach them. Instead, visually inspect them for cracking or rusting. Take pictures to send to your garage door repair technician — don’t DIY this repair!

Lubricate When Needed

Always keep lubrication away from nylon rollers, but regularly spray a garage-door-friendly silicone spray on the rest of the moving parts. This will help prevent breakdowns and annoying squealing.

Maintain Exterior

For wood doors, sanding and painting will keep the finish looking good — just make sure to use the manufacturer-approved paint. You can also paint metal doors when they start to chip, but again, make sure you’re using the correct products for a long-lasting finish.

DIY garage door maintenance will help lengthen the time between service calls and replacements, but remember, always turn to us for advice at Overhead Door Company. We are here to help!