Common Residential Garage Door Styles

There are several home components that combine both aesthetics and practical purposes, and the garage door is a fantastic example. Not only does the garage door protect your home and help with temperature control, it’s also a major part of your home’s curb appeal and visual quality — and getting everything you want in both these areas is easy if you’re working with quality professionals. 

At Overhead Door Company, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of both commercial and residential garage doors to meet your every need in terms of both style and function. When it comes to garage door style, what are your general options for residential garage doors today? Here are the most common you will typically be choosing between.

residential garage door styles

Traditional Garage Doors

Still immensely popular today for many homes, the traditional garage door is one you’ve likely seen numerous times. It can be made from either wood or steel, and will often feature custom designs and coatings that gives it a unique look.

Traditional garage doors are also usually very strong and can last for many years, but you may want to re-coat the door every few years and do some routine maintenance as well in order to keep it looking its best — and performing great as well. There are also traditional garage doors with hybrid features, such as recessed panels, insulation and other benefits you may desire.

Contemporary Garage Doors

For those looking for a sleeker, more modern garage door style, contemporary garage doors are likely what you’ll want to go with. They’re often made from more modern materials, making them great for rust resistance and weather factors as well — this makes it easier to use a contemporary garage door style on your own, rather than having to rely on professionals for repairs.

Most of the time, these come in steel or aluminum materials, and they tend to be very sleek and modern in appearance. They allow for more natural light to enter the space, and there are often insulation options available to keep your home even warmer in the winter. Premium contemporary garage doors may also come with additional benefits, such as security-boosting features, modern designs and other aspects you desire for your home’s exterior design.

Carriage-House Doors

Finally, for those who prefer a rustic design for their garage, the carriage-house garage door is another one you’ll want to consider. These tend to be more ornate in their design, and they typically feature decorative hardware with a unique flair. They’re common in farmhouse and related settings, and may even be called “farmhouse doors” in some circles.

There are several styles of carriage-house garage door, making them both versatile and capable of fitting into many different home exteriors. These doors can also be customized and made to look just like traditional garage doors, giving you features from both worlds.

For more on the different garage door styles you have to choose from, or to learn about any of our garage door products or services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.