Commercial Garage Door Service Will Save You Money

A commercial garage door service does more than help you when you have a major problem; they keep your doors in shape year-round. Preventive maintenance isn’t a frivolous expense — it’s the best way to protect against more expensive issues that take a lot longer to repair.


Here are five good reasons to schedule commercial garage door service before a problem crops up.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Employees are a central asset to every company, and a malfunctioning garage door poses a safety threat. You may also have property in the area that could be damaged if the garage door suddenly falls or any parts become detached from the system.

Lower the chance of injury to people and damage to property by scheduling regular commercial garage door service.

Safeguard Your Business

Your garage may be one of the main entryways to your business. If the opening or locking systems aren’t working properly, a thief could get in. A break-in could mean financial losses, including stolen equipment and destroyed property.

Don’t risk your business’ security — get your doors looked at today.

Preserve Exterior Look

Commercial garage door service doesn’t only include maintenance for moving parts. Your technician will also examine the door’s surface and recommend touch-ups that can keep it rust-free.

Keeping your business’ exterior looking good shows your clients a polished image, and it helps your company retain value.

Lower Downtime

When your commercial door is down, so are business operations. This means a loss of income for you and a backlog of work when it’s finally up and running again. You don’t want to have to turn customers away or explain to clients why your business is out of commission. Prevention is key to keeping daily operations running smoothly and sales flowing in.

Get More Out of Your Warranty

Garage doors typically come with a warranty, but how long does it last? If you let little problems go on too long, you may run out of warranty coverage and then be stuck paying the repair bill.

Address problems immediately, or better yet, prevent them altogether with regular service and you won’t have to worry about wasted warranty coverage. You’ll get the most out of your investment.

Budget for Small Expenses — It Leads to Savings

Add your commercial door to the list of items at your business that need regular service calls. It’s much easier to budget ahead of time for minor maintenance expenses than it is to come up with the cash for large repairs.

Trust Overhead Door Company for affordable commercial garage door service, and make an appointment today.