Choosing the Right Garage Color

If you’re thinking about getting a new or replacement garage door, there are several important factors you’ll be considering. From hardware and material considerations to design and aesthetics, the garage door is a big part of both your home’s functionality and its future value.

At Overhead Door Company in Bountiful, we can help with all these areas and more. We have a huge range of commercial and residential garage doors, and our pros can assist you in assessing your needs and determining what’s right for you. One consideration we frequently remind clients to pay attention to: Garage door color, which is important not only for your personal preference and style, but also for your curb appeal. Here are some common garage door colors, plus a major theme to consider while you choose your door style.

Common Garage Door Colors

In many cases, homeowners choose relatively neutral colors for their garage doors. These are the kinds of colors that blend well with a variety of other tones, allowing you to go for accents in smaller design areas like windows or doors. These kinds of neutrals include:

  • Beige

  • White

  • Gray

  • Dark brown

  • Black

These colors also have the added benefit of generally not showing too much dirt or grime – they’re easy to clean and maintain as well. Now of course, you always have the option to get a bit more adventurous and go for a different color. We have a wide range available for you.

Contrasting or Coordinating?

In nearly all cases, you don’t want your garage door to be the exact same color as the rest of the house. These kinds of homes look out of place, with slabs of color that are too large and don’t allow casual eyes to take in multiple patterns or colors. Rather, you’re looking for a color that complements the rest of your home’s style – and in this realm, you’re choosing between a “coordinating” color and a “contrasting” color.

Simply put, a coordinating color refers to a garage door that complements the existing color scheme. Brick homes are often perfectly complemented by beige garage doors, for instance. Coordinating colors generally come from the same “family” of colors as the rest of your house, and their combined effect will help raise your curb appeal. In some cases, people match garage door colors with the front door or the shutters – this is a form of coordinating colors.

In other cases, you may look for a contrasting color. This is a color that’s outside the family of your overall home scheme, but matches well with it nonetheless. A good example here is a beige home, which generally goes really well with a dark walnut brown even though it’s not from the same general color family. Shaded garage door areas often do well with light colors that contrast it, as another example.

For more on choosing the right garage door color, or for information on any of our garage doors and garage door parts, speak to the pros at Overhead Door Company today.