Causes and Solutions for Slow-Opening Garage Doors

During our garage door repair and inspection services for both residential and commercial garage doors, we at Overhead Door Company are asked a number of frequent questions by our clients. One of the most common: Why is my garage door opening or closing (or both) too slowly?

In many cases, garage doors opening too slowly are due to basic wear-and-tear that take place over time, with relatively simple fixes possible. In others, the issues may relate to previous door settings or related concerns. Let’s take a look at how long your garage door should generally take to open and close, some causes and possible solutions if it’s moving too slowly, and how regular garage door service reduces these and other risks.
causes solutions slow garage doors

General Opening and Closing Timing

The average time period for a garage door to open or close is between 12 and 15 seconds in most cases, though there are exceptions if your garage door is particularly heavy or made of certain materials. Your door should be able to fully complete its cycle within this span of time. If you find it’s taking 20 seconds or longer on opening or closing cycles, it’s time to investigate why this might be happening.

Causes and Solutions for Slow Doors

The single most common cause of a garage door that won’t open or close quickly enough: Improper lubrication. Garage doors involve several connected components, many of which create friction when they move in concert with one another – lubricant is vital in these areas for limiting this friction and allowing smooth operation between parts.

If the garage’s lubrication has worn down, however, several processes within opening or closing can slow down. In similar circumstances, pulleys may become worn down based on daily use, and torsion springs can lose tension, leading to slower operation. Finally, you may even notice specific blockages on the door track that are slowing things down.

In other situations, certain garage door models come with previously-set speed setting controls. If your door is one of these, ensure your speed settings themselves aren’t the reason why the garage door is operating too slowly.

Benefits of Regular Service

If none of the above issues seem to be present, it’s time to call our professionals to assess the issue. This relates directly back to the benefits of regular garage door inspection and upkeep from our team – we’ll identify these kinds of issues before you even notice them taking place, handling items like lubrication or worn-down part replacement before the garage even begins to noticeably slow down. This kind of preventive maintenance is vital for keeping your door in great shape and your costs down.

For more on the causes and solutions for garage doors opening too slowly, or to learn about any of our garage door repair services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.