Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Opener

In the year 2020 and beyond, numerous smart home themes and products are growing significantly in popularity. And while many of the most well-known items here are home assistants and various entertainment-related areas, there are also numerous other practical themes covered – including garage doors and their openers.

At Overhead Door Company, we’re proud to offer a wide range of garage door services, from garage door repair to expertise on any of the latest garage door products you’re considering. This includes smart garage door openers, which are generally powered by Wi-Fi and connect to not only the rest of the setup, but also your smartphone and other devices that can be accessed from anywhere. Here’s a quick primer on the benefits of a smart garage opener for your home.

benefits smart garage door opener

Simple Convenience

First and foremost, the convenience offered by this device is leaps and bounds above your previous garage door operations. Because this device connects to any of your phone, tablet, laptop or others, it can be operated from anywhere.

Did one of the kids forget their opener while driving to school? No problem, they can call you and have you open the door for them from work. What if a service provider or one of our technicians needs to come by for a garage door appointment, but no one is home? Again, this is a simple push of a button with a smart garage door opener.

Safety and Security

For many, however, the most important reason they move to a smart garage door opener is for security. This kind of device is the ultimate insurance policy against forgetting to close the garage door when you leave for the day – you can check it at any time to see if the door is open or closed.

Smart garage door openers will go even further, too. You can set up basic notifications for anytime the garage door is opened or closed, allowing you to note if it’s being used at a strange time. There are even specific notifications for if someone gains access to the home via illegal means.

Scheduling Allowance

And finally, for those who are often out and about, the ability to schedule various themes within your smart garage door opening system is vital. Consider a company like Amazon, which in many cities allows an option where you sync your deliveries with your online account – and when you have a package delivered, the smart garage opener will automatically open the door so the package can be placed inside rather than sitting on the porch for hours. There are also simple capabilities for syncing your opener with garage door lights.

For more on the benefits of a smart garage door opener, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or other garage door services, speak to the staff at Overhead Door Company today.