Advantages of a Rolling Steel Door for Your Business

Installing a rolling steel door offers an excellent combination of security, strength, and convenience for your business. Whether you have a warehouse, loading dock, store, repair

Rolling Steel Doorshop or any other type of location, you can find a customized solution for your needs. Available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, rolling doors can be further customized with finishes and gauges that offer the appearance and strength you need.

Most homes and some businesses have sectional doors that offer thermal efficiency and security. For many businesses, rolling steel doors require less maintenance, are easy to repair, and are safer for employees, while taking up less room due to the way the door retracts into the ceiling.

Rolling Steel Doors are Built to be Trouble-free

A sectional door has as many as 40 moving parts that can accumulate dirt and debris and sustain damage from impact. Raised by cables and springs, the door can become inoperable if there is damage to a cable, while its springs can corrode and result in a shorter life. Rolling doors have a heavy duty steel curtain coiled onto a counterbalance shaft that protects the springs.

Rolling steel doors are constructed of flat or curved interlocking 3″ slats that form a curtain. While there are variations in slats offered by different manufacturers, slat adapters allow you to use parts from a different company for fast repair. The slats are often made of heavier gauge material than the panels on traditional sectional steel garage doors.

Rolling Steel Door Mounting Saves Space, Expedites Repair

Rolling doors mount to the walls; this eliminates the need to connect to the ceiling, unlike with a sectional door that needs a support on the roof structure or ceiling. If a sectional door is damaged with a truck or forklift, a door panel can dislodge and potentially harm nearby employees. With rolling doors, there is less risk of the door falling.

Even repairing the door in this case is easier. While a sectional door might be out of working order for 7 to 10 days while parts come from the factory, a rolling door stores extra slats that form the curtain inside the hood; this makes repair possible with a 30 minute service call.

The rolling door also takes up less headroom, backroom, and inside room, which allow you to make the most of the space you have on the loading dock and other places where it is used. Since the door assembly is not attached to the ceiling, you can maximize the space by installing lighting, HVAC, fire sprinkler, and other accessories in this space, rather than having to work around the door. While rolling steel doors are available in standard, sizes they can be easily computer-designed to custom sizes up to 1,500 square feet with just the specifications you need for light, medium, or heavy duty application.

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